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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Oct 14, 2021: Success starts with understanding your customer

The most important factor in determining success is to know what the target audience wants and needs to achieve their goal.

✔️ Talk to your prospects, understand their pain point.
✔️ Define your target audience who you are going to do business with in the future, who will be using your product.
✔️ Find the right candidates by hanging out where your prospects hang out, joining conferences or meetups, and asking for referrals.
✔️ Run an effective interview session by interviewing individually, adding a note-taker who helps you collect important information, and keep it human.
✔️ Do not ask what do you think about my product or do you like my product, rather ask the right questions such as what triggered their search for a solution, what challenges they are facing currently, what platform they used, or how much did they pay for it?
✔️ After running a few sessions, understand how do you make sense of what you have learned such as organizing the data with help of a note-taker, finding the patterns with help of your team, and discussing the findings with your team.
✔️ Stay calm and keep learning.