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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Jan 20, 2022: How you can find investors to fund your business

Before digging deep into finding investors, there are a set of questions about which one should be aware of:

● At what stage is my company at?
● What is my end game?
● Which types of investors will help me reach my goals?

While looking for investors one should :
● Ask family or friends for capital.
● Apply for a small business administration loan.
● Consider private investment.
● Try fundraising and co-funding platforms to find investors.

✔️ Angel investors are individuals who have a high net worth, strong network connection, who are willing to invest in early idea phase startups.
✔️ There is a number of platforms where we can find angel investors like Angel Investment Network, Angel Capital Association.
✔️ Venture capitalists are needed when a business is expanding and it’s already been established. The amount required for venture capitalists are typically much higher than that of angel investors, two big venture capitalists are Sequoia and Tiger-global.
✔️ There are also some online fund-raising platforms like Angel list, Seed-invest, circle-up, Crowdfunding Indiegogo, and Kickstarter.
✔️ Gust is one of the biggest angel groups in the USA that helps founders build investable companies.
✔️ Applying to accelerate or incubation programs can also help in business funding.
✔️ Attending start-up events are also a way to get noticed by the right investors, these opportunities can also turn into creating a successful pitch, especially for startups that require a lot of seed funding.