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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Apr 07, 2022: Effective Communication

Technology, as we all know, has made the world more connected, immeasurable time saved and life so much easier, all at our fingertips.
Communication is a part of our daily lives with different people for various reasons: to share, express, and voice our feelings, thoughts, and ideas, but if it isn’t effective, it could cause more chaos through misinterpretation.

Get a sense of how integrating technology can allow you to be able to communicate effectively and make it work wonders for you.

1) The role of technology in the business world
2) The significance of having clear business-specific requirements and conducting a thorough review
3) Examine an effective mode of communication from the numerous options available to meet your needs.
4) Describe how the integration is beneficial, particularly during pandemics and/or overseas business operations, as well as for Global Reach.