The Power of Passion

Eprenz (the Entrepreneur’s Network) is a professional association of aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs. We feature programs, articles, and webinars for learning, to fit every entrepreneurial need.

From a LinkedIn group with zero members to over 100,000 members today!

We strive to make a meaningful difference for entrepreneurs across the globe. Our short-term goal is to transform the journey of 100,000 social impact entrepreneurs to success by May 2024. (Note: We may need your help with that.)

We also have a long-term vision: To help create a world community of peace and economic equality, while treating everyone with respect and compassion. By balancing purpose and profit, we believe everyone benefits from generosity. Humanity first.

A utopian endeavour, no doubt. But, entrepreneurs dream. Of course, you knew that.

Community Members

Entrepreneurs Network has more than 100,000 members on Linkedin and growing 700+ new members a week.

Members on Platform

Our platform has reached more than 5000 members and still counting.


We have (Entrepreneurs Network & Eprenz) members from more than 60 countries across the globe. It’s a worldwide community of Entrepreneurs.

Our Mission & Values

Eprenz is on a mission to transform the journey of 100K Entrepreneurs to success by May 2024.

Why – A large percentage of the population are now entrepreneurs, but 90% fail in the first 10 years while following their passions! We want to help bring this number down and allow more entrepreneurs to thrive regardless of background or circumstances.

Our long-term mission is a world community of peace with access to economic equality for those who are willing to work to gain it while treating others with respect and compassion.

Our community is our Strength.


We aim to balance purpose and profit.


We strive to make a meaningful, positive difference for our members and the world at large.


We believe in responsible generosity.


We believe in equality and compassion in human relationships.


We believe all benefit when people consistently take actions to benefit others. The giver and the receiver both win. 


When possible, we strive to create win, win, win scenarios.

  • A win for our members,
  • Win for our service provides,
  • A Win for our members and service providers results in a win for eprenz.

We strive to make decisions based on facts rather than opinions.


While not ignoring short term needs and the importance of deliberate speed, we aim to make the majority of decisions for the long-term good.


We don’t sell our products and services but rather help people choose the right product and service to best meet their needs to generate maximum value for our members and our community.


Integrity in communication, human interactions and demonstrated through our business actions.

Eprenz is part of the daily-routine for entrepreneurs. Reach a pool of prospects for your business.

Distinct crowds that make it easy for you to reach your target market.

110,000+ LinkedIn members around the world.

6,000+ Website members.

41,000+ members in USA.

18,000+ members in India.

15,000+ members in Europe.

7,500+ members in Africa.

7,000+members in UK.

6,000+ members in Canada.

4,000+ members in Middle East.

1,500+ members in Nigeria.

20,000+ Employers with 1 to 10 team members.

16,000+ Employers with 11 to 50 team members.

10,000+ Employers with 51 to 200 team members.

32,000+ Owners, founders and CEOs.

24,000+ Partners, Directors and CXO

5,500+ Self-employed.

3,500+ Investors.

60,000+ growth since January 2020.

The Dream Team

We’re a passionate and enthusiastic group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and histories.

Canver M Varghese

Canver M Varghese

Web Developer, Project Manager

Deepesh Nigam

Deepesh Nigam

Product Manager - eLearning & Content Writer

Ayesha Saikia

Ayesha Saikia

Marketing Strategist and Copywriter

Kevin Pamphar

Kevin Pamphar

Community Builder & Customer Support

Sampathkumar Vijayaragavan

Sampathkumar Vijayaragavan

CTO & Founding Team

David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founder, Mentor, Investor & Chief Dream Maker

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