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What do you get if you request your story?

✅ Your story article created from the information you provide us.

✅ A ‘forward’, editing, and highlights. Build your tribe and attract customers.

✅ Your profile/website is linked in the article for people to find you.

✅ A beautiful ‘cover’ art to feature you.

✅ Publishing it on our Eprenz Story page for a lifetime.

✅ Global rights for you to use it for your marketing purposes.

✅ Posting it as a featured post for at least three days on our Linkedin page and our Entrepreneur’s Network group of 100,000+.

Benefits of having your exclusive Story live:


Share your learning and experience as an entrepreneur, coach, consultant to our community of 100,000+


Attract your tribe and prospects.


Create thought leadership for your own in your domain and industry


Showcase your products and/or services subtly in a ‘non-marketing’ way


Stand out in the rat race of social media. Get exposure that doesn’t fade away



Show how you are making a meaningful difference for the world at large.

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