Community Guidelines

Rules, rules, rules. Every good community needs some. 😊


We look forward to your participation in the Entrepreneur’s Network & Eprenz!


The simple aim here is to provide a safe and secure place to do business, discuss business challenges and learn. This being the aim, the below rules will hopefully help to collectively keep us on track and hit our mark. Here we go.

  • Post stories of lessons learned that are likely to be of value to members of the group.
  • Sexist, racist, or discriminatory remarks are prohibited in their entirety.
  • Pure advertising or spammy posts are strongly discouraged, subject to removal and members may be subject to suspension without pay (that is, if you are suspended, you will not be charged during the suspension period).
  • Bright red posts and other posts designed to grab attention are frowned upon and will be treated in the same manner as advertisement and spam–even if the post has some content.
  • While Peer, Mastermind and Mentor Connect meetings and discussions are intended to be confidential, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Nonetheless, reported breaches of confidentiality are subject to suspension without pay.


Please report violations of the rules or any comment relating to the rules by email to