Health and Wellness Professionals Club

Connecting people globally in the health and wellness industry to exchange knowledge and ideas, refer one another, and grow our client base.

Event Occurrence
2nd Wednesday of Every Month

Event Time
2nd Wednesday of every month @
9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET | 3:00pm GMT | 8:30pm IST

Event Duration
60 Minutes

Build a trusted referral network in Health and Wellness

The health and wellness professionals network is a global event for small business owners and professionals in the health and wellness industry.

Members meet once a month to network and build trusted relationships that help them market, find prospects, and grow their client base.

The event also allows you to learn about using safe products to heal health problems and live a better quality of life.


Discover the purpose in your life.

Next Club Meetup:
October 11, 2023
9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET | 3:00pm GMT | 8:30pm IST


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Find health and wellness entrepreneurs, clients, patients, and similar minds through referrals

Express your business struggles to members and find partners in healthcare, for eg, product manufacturers, service providers, coaches, dream team members, and profitable clients.

Enter the health and wellness referral network and build trusted relationships that go a long way.

Learn how to shop for safer neutraceuticals and over-the-counter medications

Let’s face it. The ‘right’ supplements and OTC medications to treat mild or chronic health issues are easy to find. But how do you know that the medications are safe for you? Physiological differences can make a product safe for a person but harmful for another.

Professionals of the health and wellness networking club teach you how to shop for safer, eco-friendly wellness, and personal care products.

With this knowledge you can prevent or manage certain health problems on your own. Always consult with your doctor or other healthcare provider before starting a new nutritional supplement.

Get referred to the right health coach for better treatment

Find a health coach that specializes in managing health problems that you or your loved ones are suffering from through trusted references.

Learn tips to prevent chronic health problems from healthcare experts

Learn how to avoid or manage chronic health issues. Share your health condition with medical professionals and health coaches on the call. Learn cancer prevention tips and practices.

Prevent episodic migraines from turning chronic. If it is already frequent, you will learn recommended tips to reduce frequent migraine attacks. Chronic health issues diminish lifestyle. So, we encourage you to attend this monthly event to network, exchange knowledge, collaborate, and experience healthier living.

Start growing a global health and wellness network and business

Connect with members around the world and build a global network of health and wellness professionals. Learn about safer products or make recommendations. Create new collaborations and referral partnerships to grow your client base.

Meet the Hosts

Our organizers will help you on how to get most out the ClubConnect meeting with a structured approach.

Lisa F. Harris

Lisa F. Harris

Entrepreneur, Self-Healed from MS by Going Green

Lisa Harris is an Entertainment and Affiliate Marketing professional who grew up in the New York tri-state medical community. Lisa has been in remission from multiple sclerosis (MS) since 2005, after learning that she had multiple food and chemical sensitivities. She began avoiding common allergens and converted her home to a toxin-free environment.

Through affiliate partnerships, Lisa helps families around the world get healthy on a budget by shopping online for green natural products at wholesale pricing. In addition, she educates on the benefits of medical cannabis.

Permelia Parham

Permelia Parham

Founder and Principal of The Healing Institute - An International Wellness Community | Certified Body Code Practitioner

Permelia Parham has been blessed with a vision to educate the world to be a proactive wellness society by creating The Healing Institute Inc.

The Healing Institute Inc. is a global service provider bringing together practitioners and clients to support proactive holistic wellness throughout the world.

Permelia Parham is a teacher and practitioner of emotional and energy healing. During the 20 years of studying and through her own personal practices, Permelia realized many people were not aware that their emotions affected them physically. Through her company, Vibrational Healing, as a Certified Body Code & Emotion Code Practitioner, she offers sessions to release unprocessed negative emotions for better health and success in life; provides individual consultations; and teaches strategies on how to expand self-awareness and be empowered to make positive life changes.

Meet the Speakers

Darren McKoy

Darren McKoy

leader, Purpose Coach, and Inspirational speaker

Topic : Discover the purpose in your life.

Darren is also the host of A Life With Purpose podcast. Darren struggled through various jobs trying to provide for his family but felt unfulfilled and frustrated. He felt there was more to his life but he didn’t know what to do or how to do it. After a chance encounter with a network marketing company, he was inspired by people on stage and the positive impact they had on the audience. He realized that he wanted to be that person and have a positive impact on people’s lives. However, fear and practicality held him back and he settled for a job with benefits but no fulfillment

One day he saw a co-worker getting away with doing the same job for the same pay without putting in the effort. He had enough he realized that he was meant for more than just going through the motions. He began reading books on purpose and on personal development and took a leap of faith, putting messages about purpose online as people began telling him how inspired they were by his messages, he realized that he was finally living his purpose.

Darren’s purpose is to help other men not find but discover the purpose in their lives so they can live their lives with meaning and fulfillment and add a contribution to the world.

Connect with him through his website NavigatorOfPurpose

Please Note: This club is limited to professionals and entrepreneurs in the healing and wellness space, including: conventional and integrative medicine, telehealth, and certified health coaching. This is also a safe place for patients looking to gain education and resources. It is not intended for multi-level marketing (MLM).