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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Apr 14, 2022: Systems, Processes and Automation

The smooth functioning of key processes and systems like Financial Accounting, Lead Generation, Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding, and Customer Communication are integral to most businesses. If these key processes and systems are well planned, then they can shorten the path towards your goal.

Imagine automating these seamless systems to recur on their own. You can free up your time and focus on higher-order functions.

Benefits of Systems, Processes, and Automation
Predictable outcome/ Risk Management

However, we have discerned that if the systems are inefficient, then the automation will only reecho the inefficiencies.

Automation is not a solution for a sub-optimal system, things will only continue to not work well on a grander scale.

So, where is automation useful?
Lower order processes
Recurring functions

Moreover, where is automation not useful?
Human interaction
Inefficient systems

The results you are getting tell you a lot about the systems you have in place. Design your systems to get you the results you want. Then decide what can be automated and what is better off without automation.

Finally, learn and explore with David how introducing automation in your Marketing Funnel can polish your mail chains.