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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Dec 9, 2021: Defining your finance model – Cost & Revenue

The Business model concept helps you to think about each aspect and then very rapidly you can compile everything together.

In key resources, the first thing is to think about your people, how you gonna achieve it, all by yourself or you gonna have a team of people supporting you, if so then what that team would look like.

✔️ You must think about who can help you drive better towards your goal.
✔️ You must think about, what physical resource you need, whether they are direct employees or not direct employees.
✔️ Intellectual property resources, are another things that people sometimes don’t think about when they think about the resources.
✔️ You need to think about the financial resources, that you need to start your business.
✔️ What expectations you should have from your team?
✔️ Is your business model going to be cost-driven?

With these questions and takeaways, you can work towards starting your own Business.