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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Jan 13, 2022: Art of Pitching

Having great business ideas and winning concepts is not enough if you don’t have proper investors & team members. However, presenting your idea in a way that investors connect with your idea & team is important.

Here Art of Pitching helps.
Pitching is simply the act of talking about your work, in front of the right people (investors). Pitching timings varies from 1 minute to 30 minutes (depends on event & organizers)

Before pitching you should have an attractive pitching deck (presentation) about what you are going to pitch. Use graphics, pie charts where needed, It makes a great impact.

Here is how you can master the art of pitching-

✔️ Start with a short intro about you & your venture.
✔️ Asking a question connected to the solution that your product provides.
✔️ Problem statement & Value proposition.
✔️ Details of your product or services in sync with a problem you stated in the previous
point. (Be confident & try to create an epiphany moment)
✔️ Specify Market size & Opportunities (Use graphic charts)
✔️ Talk about competition & Define your USP.
✔️ Your marketing & Growth strategies.
✔️ Elaborate business model.
✔️ Define your team with key points.
✔️ Projected financials for the next three to five years.
✔️ Ask for Funds*.
✔️ Never end with thank you, It’s a turn-off.

Other Highlights-
➤Initially, investors invest in people. They take risks on trust, integrity, team skills,
and ideas that can make people’s lives better.
➤Enthusiasm towards your work (project) will help, So be passionate about your
product or services.
➤One of our participants (Alice) was a former participant of Shark Tank.