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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Nov 04, 2021 : Ideal Customer Persona and Key Partnerships

An Ideal customer persona is a way of thinking about who can be your customer, doesn’t have to be a person, it can be a company, doesn’t have to be one, it can be more. Gender and age is one of the criteria but in today’s era it’s more about the person’s thought process.

To develop an ideal customer persona one should know about the depiction of an ideal customer based on qualitative and quantitative data, market research and things we know about existing customers.

Key partnerships can be categorise into 4 different types :
✔️ Strategic Alliances – It’s between non-competitors.
✔️ Coopetition – Strategic partnership between competitors.
✔️ Joint Ventures – To develop new businesses.
✔️ Buyer-Supplier Relationships – To assure reliable supplies.

Factor to keep in mind when forming a partnership :
✔️ Should have a right partnership agreement.
✔️ Impact on your clients.
✔️ It should be a win-win situation.
✔️ Selecting the right partner.

Key partnerships can be develop by asking 3 Important questions :
✔️ What Industry or company align with your company goals ?
✔️ Which type of partnership best fits your organization ?
✔️ What benefits those potential partners could gain through their relationship with your company ?