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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

May 19, 2022: Social Media Marketing:LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for B2B marketing. Utilize the easy and simple potential of LinkedIn to ensure your content reaches a bigger audience.

Learn how to organically increase engagement on LinkedIn with Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics – a digital marketing company and David Wagstaff, Founder of Eprenz and our Chief Dream Maker. 

LinkedIn feed is driven by whoever engages. The minimum content volume on LinkedIn will ensure that any like, share or comment becomes a notification.

  • Aim for 10% engagement within your followers, then LinkedIn will promote your post to more people.

  • Increase engagement by commenting back when someone comments on your post. Ask them a question that they are likely to respond to, thus generating more comments and engagement.

  • Kickstart the engagement internally with your team members liking, sharing and commenting on the post. Once the post has this initial engagement, LinkedIn sees the potential in it and starts recommending it to more people.

  • When your 3rd degree contacts engage on the post, then engage them further. LinkedIn likes it if 3rd degree contacts initiate engagement as it signals to them that the engagement is organically generated.

If an opinion stated in your post is getting heat then you are not necessarily in a crisis mode. Let people state their views and you can engage those people with a dialogue. This back and forth can generate more comments and engagement.   

Acknowledge their views with a neutral comment. Don’t argue. Incorporate their views in your post as well if it suits you.

Group engagement

  • Create a group on a topic that is relevant to your niche.

  • Decide on a cause or a topic that your expertise can contribute to.

  • Invite relevant people with mid-level influence in the group.

  • Provide value so the initial members invite more members.


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