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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Mar 03, 2022: Workplace Culture

  • What is a Workplace?

It is the space where all individuals in a company interact.

  • What is Workspace Culture?

It is the environment that we work in.

  • Why is it important?

Setting the right workspace culture lets people know what we expect from them. People ensure workplace culture before joining in. It can motivate people more than money can.

  • How do you create a workspace culture virtually?

A workspace culture develops in the influence of the values that the company believes in. It is what the company stands for.

For example,

    • Eprenz believes in balance of purpose and profit.

    • Eprenz strives to make a meaningful, positive difference for our members and the world at large.

    • Epenz believes in responsible generosity and so on.

  • How to have a positive workplace culture avoiding non performance?

Setting clear expectations with the members and interacting with them on a regular basis. We need to be tough sometimes but always clear and positive.

  • What influences workplace culture?

Standards, core values and actions.  Everyone in a company impacts its workplace culture either working full-time or freelance.


Write down a list of values that you believe in. Interact with your team and abide by them. Remember, workplace culture is not a document, it is a way of life.