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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

June 9, 2022: Sales Training and Messaging

Explore a way of selling that will make you memorable and leave a positive impact with Wendi Hutton, a Sales Trainer and LinkedIn Specialist.

This session had many useful takeaways like approaches, rules and formulas. Let’s start with the approaches.

Two approaches to sales

  • Transactional approach – Focus on closing the sale

  • Transformational approach – Focus on helping the person in some way.

To make a difference, try the transformational approach. Ask yourself, “What transformation can I provide?”

As a salesperson, you can communicate using three types of messages.

  • Written messages – Examples include Direct Messages, Texts, Emails

  • Spoken messages – Examples include Face-to-face, Phone, Talks

  • Gestures/ Body Language – Examples include Crossed arms, yawning, engaged

While communicating your message, the two most fundamental practices to bear in mind are:

  • Golden rule – Treat others the way you want to be treated

  • Platinum rule – Treat others the way they want to be treated

Leverage the technique of Engaged appreciation

  • Express your appreciation to your audience.

  • Write a genuine note to them about why you appreciate them. Send them the note on a platform they will check regularly.

  • People like to pay back appreciation so they will respond favourably.

For instance, send a note to prospects you have interacted with online and build an authentic relationship with them.

The MAX V.A.L.U.E. Formula

Vision and Clarity

  • Know the vision for your business. Outlining your vision will bring clarity to what you need to do.

  • Answer questions like what is your speciality? What is it that you do that people should notice you for? Craft a message that makes the audience go like -“Oh, they get me and my problem”

  • General vs specific message -Think of a specialized problem that you can solve instead of a general problem. People will approach a specialist doctor for a specific problem instead of a general practitioner. Although not as dire, it is the same with us.

Abundant Visibility

  • Optimizing profile – Let your profile reflect who you are and what you do. Curate it in a way that you want to be seen.

  • Engaging posts – You can post informational tips but also post about your interests like nature and music. Give people a way to know you and connect with you.

Leverage authentic messaging

Focus on helping the prospect rather than closing the sale. People will remember you if they sense your concern is genuine.

Unlimited opportunities

Once they remember you, they will let you know of opportunities where you and your business can help.

  • Assets and Opportunities – If you are a podcast host then the podcast is your asset and you are providing an opportunity to the guest speaker. Seek and provide opportunities like this.

Expand your reach

Reach out to prospects with whom you share commonalities. Start building multiple authentic relationships based on that.

Bonus: Our speaker Wendi loves acronyms and shared this affirming acronym that will inspire confidence in your sales techniques.

Support your prospects

Educate them as an expert

Love and believe in the business that you sell for

Lean into the synergy between you and the prospect

Inspire them with inspiring testimonials of previous clients

Nurture a relationship with them

Guide them to what they want


Bonus 2: Watch till the end to optimize your LinkedIn profile with a quick tip from Wendi!