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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

June 16, 2022: Networking, Partnerships and Collaboration

Speaker: Christopher Salem, Corporate trainer and author

Learn from Christopher Salem, corporate trainer and author, on how to make networking, partnership and collaboration work for you and your business.


  • Focus on them instead of you

Instead of just zeroing in on a person and how they can help you out, think of how you can help them out. One way to do that is to listen when a person is talking and keeps mentioning a problem they face. See if the problem falls into your domain. Be empathetic and approach them with solutions you can provide.

  • Build a value-based connection.

Determine if the person’s professional values (not all of them, but even a few) match your own. Developing relationships based on these shared values will lead to fruitful outcomes sooner.

  • Consistent action

Networking is an ongoing activity. Set aside some time daily to connect with people on LinkedIn, do Zoom calls, etc.


Don’t assume or expect outcomes from a partner based on their credentials, experience, etc. Things fall through the cracks when expectations are not eventually met. This causes partnerships to be discontinued. Practice specific, clear and concise communication with your partners to make the most of your partnership.


Collaborations are similar to partnerships but also different. You will be working on a project together. It is more informal than partnerships.

More tips to maximize the benefits of networking

Practice mental toughness

Move away from thinking about the past and future, which is fear-based, to the present moment. When you think from the perspective of the past and future, you think about expectations and outcomes. This automatically leads to stress, anxiety and frustration.

When you stay present at the moment, fear of these expectations and outcomes is reduced, leading to higher clarity. This clarity will enable us to see things that are holding us back and what to do to overcome them.

5 things you can control when networking

1) Communication to self

2) Behavior

3) Attitude

4) Emotions

5) Actions

Are you listening to your inner champion or inner critic? Is your behaviour aligned with what you want? Do you feel like a victim more often when things do not go your way? Try perceiving situations as things happening for you instead of to you. Look for opportunities and consider what you can do next.

5 things you can’t control when networking

The same things as listed above in someone else. So be mindful of that and focus on what you can control.