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September 2022 : Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

July 14, 2022: CRM & Sales Processes

Our speaker, Jeff Eaddy, Founder of 10x Business Solutions, has worked in the sales industry for 30+ years. He joined us to share a concise way of increasing sales that has worked out for him and his clients personally.
Let’s start with the need for a tracking system. Having an automated or manual tracking system is an absolute must. Conversion takes time. No one converts on the first call, so keep track of when you spoke with prospects, what you spoke about, what their response was, etc. Bring that up on your next call to show the prospect you were paying attention.

4 steps to tenfold your sales
1) Double your lead generation process
Have a bigger pool of prospects so you have more leads to convert. LinkedIn can be an ally in helping you double your leads without doubling your efforts.
2) Double your conversion ratio
Focus on closing double the deals from your increased prospect pool.
3) Add a premium value offer
Give a premium value offer that is recurring to your existing customers. This offer can be you doing the job for them, assisting them, going the extra mile, etc. Focus on getting 10% of your client base to sign up for this premium value offer.
4) Add a forced continuity offer
A forced continuity offer involves giving away a service for free initially. For instance, a free software package for 30, 60 or 90 days. Once they have used your service and are convinced of the perks, you start charging them.

Jeff even illustrated the basic math of how these 4 moves can 10x your sales with examples. Do check out the video until the end for Jeff’s practical and insightful answers in the Q&A and a freebie offer!