My Journey to Shark Tank and Beyond

Jack Bonneau shares his journey from a single lemonade stand to buy a Lego.


Jack shares his story as a 8-year-old who needed a Lego Star Wars Deathstar, began a lemonade stand at his neighborhood farmers market to make it a genuine business. At the point when he was 8, to making a business which gives kids the chance to find out about entrepreneurship, business while gaining cash and having a fabulous time! Key takeways from the webinar.


Different ways of approaching a business problem and solving them.


Techniques to Empower others as a young entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship has no age requirements. 


Learn about Percerverience and Authenticity.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and John Bonneau in this webinar to hear the journey of a young entrepreneur from lemonade stand to shark tank.

Jack Bonneau

Jack Bonneau

TEDx Speaker and Young Entrepreneur

Hi! My name is Jack Bonneau, I’m the founder and Chief Evangelist of Teen Hustl and I’m 14 years old!

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