Design Your Life

Come learn the most practical actionable insights on how to work to your body’s own design for better productivity, health, and peace of mind.


Learn to master your biology with Conrad Ruiz from Fibrina: Taking the most practical insights about how your body works alongside nutrition, sleep, exercise, work, stress, mental health, and the natures of habit, you can become more aware of and take better action on your health, wellness, and productivity.


Learn about the best strategies and techniques to master your biological system


Design your life to be more productive and to live a peaceful life.


Use your biology to eat, sleep and breathe your business and work more optimally.


Master your biology and become a better version of yourself.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Conrad Ruiz in this webinar to learn how to manage your time efficiently and improve your performance both personally and professionally.

Conrad Ruiz

Conrad Ruiz

Health and Wellness Coach

I can show you how to go about your day so that you’re perfectly TUNED to the way their body is designed to perform… I dive right into your biology, and I show you how to make it work for you.

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