Grow Your Top Line During An Economic Crisis

4 true stories of profitable growth and exits amid an economic crisis

Listen to the inspiring incidents of 4 companies that Senior Advisor Dean Wiltse helped scale with massive growth during an economic crisis. How did those happen? Well, we’ll leave it to our speaker Dean.

Event Details

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to examine your business like an outliner.

Event Date :
29 January 2021

Event Time :
10am EST / 8.30pm IST/ 3pm GMT

Event Duration :
60 Minutes.

Secrets to scale your business with profitable growth revealed

Dean Wiltse has exponentially grown revenue from $2M to $120M, $2M to $20M and $1M to $5M for different companies within 3 years of his joining as CEO. Each company attained strong valuation at the exit including one IPO on NASDAQ.

How to raise capital in a smart way

Learn the tactics involved in the elements that will help you raise capital and fund your business.

Simple steps to grow business with previous customers

Dean will reveal the proven easy steps to scale your business with your previous customers.

How to determine growth strategy

Massive revenue growth needs strategic thinking that is different to create bold yet foolproof procedures.

How to align your team optimally

Streamline actions and position your team for maximum and quality results within less time.


In this webinar, we’ve teamed up with an industry expert to share their strategies and the proven system for success.

Dean Wiltse

Dean Wiltse

Senior advisor

Dean has led revenue growth from $2M to $100M in 4 years, $900K to $4M in 3 years and $2M to $21M in 3 years. He has led 7 domestic and international M&A buy-side transactions and managed the integrations.

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David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founders and CEO of Eprenz

Three successful start-ups and two intrapreneurship ventures in past 20 years. Excited by vision of making a meaningful positive impact for Entrepreneurs.

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