Dean Wiltse

Growth Consultant and Entrepreneur Coach

Dean is now a Senior advisor to owners, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, Boards and Private Equity firms. He is expert at implementing operational change to gain competitive advantage and deliver game-changing industry leadership.

About Dean Wiltse


Skilled in translating vision into strategy and planning and executing multifaceted market expansion programs. Equally, successful within start-up, rapid growth, turnaround, pre-IPO and public company situations.

Dean believes that many CEOs and/or business owners can better focus on their core responsibilities and reach maximum effectiveness when they are able to take off some of their multiple hats, delegating these areas of responsibility to trusted business advisors.

During his career as CEO of FoodLogiQ, Thumbspeak, Vovici and GreenField Online, he raised investment capital, built the management teams necessary to dramatically increase sales, improve customer retention, developed innovative industry changing solutions, raise the necessary capital to grow the company, increased valuation substantially and exits. Investors, founders and management at every company achieved significant returns. Dean has delivered over $500 million in equity to founders, investors and management in the last fifteen years.


Dean has led revenue growth from $2M to $100M in 4 years, $900K to $4M in 3 years and $2M to $21M in 3 years. He has led 7 domestic and international M&A buy-side transactions and managed the integrations.

He has led more than a dozen fund-raising events including an IPO on NASDAQ as CEO. He enjoys working with entrepreneurs to help navigate the challenges and understand the most important business metrics. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, his focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven team.

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