Paul Kronenberg

Co-Founder of Kanthari

Set up and ran Braille Without Borders in Tibet, including a preparatory school for the blind, a vocational training farm, a Braille Printing Press and a pro-active self-integration program – 19 years.

About Paul Kronenberg


I am a “Social-Changineer”. With a technical background graduating in mechanical engineering, computer science, commercial technology and data-communication system science, I focus on the running and operational management of kanthari.

Worked 19 years in Tibet where together with my partner, Sabriye Tenberken, i set up the first school for the blind.

Since 2009, we provide skills and tool for social visionaries from around the world who come from the margins of society, so they can start and run their own organisations.

Since 2009, co-founded kanthari, built the campus, and ran the course. In the past 11 years we trained 226 change makers from 48 countries, this has resulted in 130+ Organisations positively impacting the lives of thousand who are positioned on the margins of society. more details at


  • Knighted by the Royal Dutch Queen of the Netherlands.
  • Mother Teresa Award.
  • Maja Koene Peace Award.
  • Albert Schweizer Award.

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