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April 27, 2022

How to build your tech dream team: Ilya Shmidt Flag: Ukraine on Google Android 12L

Hire the best in tech for your business.

As the digital boom continues, we want our tech staff to be as effective as possible so that the business may operate more efficiently. It is, nevertheless, a lengthy process, especially when it comes to selecting the ideal tech team members.
That’s why Careerist is here to save the day!

– In-depth knowledge of Information technology to their students
– Manual QA, Automation QA, Tech Sales, and Systems Engineering courses

So an employer can get the right candidate for their company. In this event, Ilya Shmidt takes you through the process of finding the all-star candidates for your tech dream team at Careerist. Careerist is an online learning platform that trains tech job seekers and automates their job applications with its software solution, leading to faster and higher placement.


What we will be covering: 

Say it in 10 Words – How to find your One BIG Message : Natsuyo Lipschutz

Learn how to become more influential and more powerfully persuasive in business by creating stories that sell.

When we prepare to give a presentation or speech, the tendency is to say too much. We want to make such a big impression on our audience and demonstrate our expertise that we end up using too many words which can often dilute our message altogether.

By distilling our message into as few words as possible, we can make it easier to engage with our audience, be remembered, and persuade them to take action.

When you need your message to not only be heard but ACTED UPON, you need One BIG Message‚ĄĘ, that’s succinct and clear, that you can use every time to give you the desired outcome.
In this keynote, Natsuyo will teach you how to craft a persuasive message and convert your audience into engaging clients.

Keynote Speakers

Ilya Shmidt

Ilya Shmidt

Head of Operations at Careerist

Ilya is a serial entrepreneur who started several companies in Biotechnology and EdTech.
At Careerist Ilya is responsible for operations and building teams.


P.S: Eprenz is proud to be associated with Careerist an Ed-tech devoted to creating quality livelihoods for many tech enthusiasts by providing them with high-paying jobs. 
Natsuyo N. Lipschutz

Natsuyo N. Lipschutz

International Speaker | Trainer | Cross-Cultural Strategist


Say it in 10 words: How to find your One Big Message?

About the speaker:

Natsuyo Lipschutz is an award-winning speaker, TEDx speaker, 5-time Toastmasters district 46 finalists, World Class Speaking certified coach, strategy consultant, author, competitive ballroom Latin dancer, mother, and cancer survivor, Natsuyo has been delivering powerful speeches in Japanese and English to the diverse audience.

Featured Speakers

Claudia Spolaor

Claudia Spolaor

High Performance Coach

Topic: The Success of Your Business: It’s a Reflection of Your Inner World.

About the speaker: Claudia is a High Performance coach. She uses energy to reprogram mind and body in order to help people achieve their highest performance. She works with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and leaders all around the world. Claudia is passionate about helping people achieve the best version of themselves by unlocking their full potential and about the effect that the mind has on the body. She believes that mindfulness is a great tool but when we become mindless is when we achieve our highest performance and quality of life.

Darren Hopman

Darren Hopman

LLC Success Team Lead, Certified Organization Development Coach, Sales Coach

Topic: Sell it Like you Mean It: 4 keys to closing more sales!

About the speaker: Good People, doing Good Business, is Good for the World!
An experienced Team Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Skilled in Coaching, Sales, Cold Calling, Sales Operations, and Investment Management. Strong information technology professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Business Administration and Management and Personal Finance from Fort Hays State University.

Divya Maheshwari

Divya Maheshwari

Mental health ally, founder of Mental Health Allies account on Instagram

Topic: How To Be A Mental Health Ally?

About the speaker: She is a Marketing Associate by profession, and currently residing in Mumbai, India. She had a prolonged and tumultuous journey with mental health, which continues to date. She was diagnosed with clinical depression and general anxiety disorder. She learnt a lot about herself and mental health in general during those trying times. Ever since then, she has determined to contribute to this cause as and when she can. During the pandemic, she took a course to become certified as a Mental Health Ambassador and started her own page on Instagram called Mental Health Allies.

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