Empower Your Business with Eprenz’s Flash Coaching

Expert Guidance in 15-Minute Bursts

Maximum Impact, Minimum Time

Get expert guidance and strategies for your business in short, focused coaching sessions.

Affordable and Accessible

Enjoy unlimited 15-minute coaching sessions, revolutionizing your business growth without breaking the bank.

Expert Coaches at Your Service

Tap into seasoned entrepreneurs for tailored practical knowledge and diverse perspectives, benefiting your unique business.

Propel Your Business to New Heights with Micro-Coaching Sessions

Struggling to fit business coaching into your hectic schedule? Eprenz’s Flash Coaching, led by the seasoned entrepreneurs David Wagstaff, Puneet Singh Singhal,  and Dr. Werner Korb is here to revolutionize your experience. This innovative program, designed for the modern entrepreneur, provides you with powerful insights in the time it takes for a coffee break. What’s more, the cost is just about as much as your monthly caffeine fix.

Our Flash Coaching program offers you unlimited access to 15-minute coaching sessions over a year. Each session hones in on a key aspect of your business, providing maximum impact in minimum time.

David Wagstaff – Our Coach

Co-founder of Eprenz and a serial entrepreneur, brings invaluable practical knowledge and experience in C-level roles across numerous organizations to his role as a coach. Having founded, grown, and sold multiple businesses, David offers proven strategies and advice to help your enterprise flourish.

  • 30+ years in business coaching and consulting
  • Co-founder of the 100,000+ group of entrepreneurs
  • Domain: Business Coaching and Consulting

The Flash Coaching curriculum includes:

1) Startup ideation and launch
2) Strategies for early-stage startup growth
3) Capital raising and pitch perfecting, including lessons from Shark Tank victors
4) Establishing a robust business model and startup foundation
5) Expert business financial management
6) Techniques for revenue growth and profitability increase
7) Deep dives into sales and marketing
8) Creating a successful exit plan
9) Embedding diversity, equality, and inclusion in your business
10) Plus, tailor-made topics that fit your unique business needs

These topics are explored in our comprehensive Jumpstart 12 modules, with each one comprising a dedicated training video and an accompanying workbook.

Revolutionizing Business Coaching For Success

Program Highlights:

– 15-minute targeted coaching sessions for efficiency
– Strategies ensuring a conservative projection of increased revenue and profits
– Strategies to amplify your social impact

Transform your business with Eprenz’s Flash Coaching program. Sign up today and unlock your business’s potential.


What is flash coaching?

Flash coaching refers to a fast-paced, time-efficient coaching session that focuses on addressing specific issues or challenges. It aims to provide quick insights, guidance, and actionable strategies to help individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

How is flash coaching different from regular coaching?

Flash coaching differs from regular coaching primarily in terms of duration. Flash coaching sessions are shorter and more targeted, providing immediate support and solutions. Regular coaching sessions tend to be longer and involve deeper exploration of issues, goals, and personal growth.

Who can benefit from flash coaching?

Flash coaching can benefit anyone seeking quick insights and solutions to specific challenges. It can be helpful for individuals who are looking for immediate guidance or need a boost of motivation to overcome obstacles in their personal or professional lives.

How do I make the most of a flash coaching session?

To make the most of a flash coaching session:

1. Prepare specific questions or challenges you want to address.
2. Be open and honest about your situation.
3. Actively engage in the discussion and ask for clarification if needed.
4. Take notes during the session to remember key insights and action steps.
5. Follow through on the action steps discussed and apply the guidance received.

Remember that flash coaching is designed to provide quick support, but long-term growth requires consistent effort and commitment outside of the coaching session.