Effective Ways To Add More Clients To Your Business Coaching Program with David Wagstaff

Discover strategies that helped David generate $250,000 in the first 12 months of starting his two separate businesses.

No registration fee.

Tested and effective strategies with assured returns.

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Event Date

Starting on Nov 23, 2021

Event Time

Nov 23, 2021 – 10am EST to 11.30am EST

Event Location

Virtual Conference

When everything became digitally possible, one thing that came as a surety is that the world is smaller than we thought, and we all are connected as a global community.

The rise of technology has given the budding Business Coaches a platform that crosses all boundaries which lets them connect with individuals residing in any part of the world. But with growing advantages comes competition. You might feel skeptical testing the waters if you do not have much experience in the profession, but with this conference, David takes you through his journey of failures and success and discuss strategies that helped him generate $250,000 in the first 12 months of starting his two separate businesses. So that you don’t repeat the same mistakes and successfully expand your business coaching program by adding valuable members to it globally.

Agenda for the Conference

Discover systems and processes to scale coaching and consulting business.

Learn how to be your own boss.

Focus on those things that are most important in the Business Coaching Business.

About the Speaker

David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founder, Chief Dream Maker, Coach and Mentor at Eprenz PBC

Past Progress and Culture
David started multiple businesses, has had successful exits and has been part of the management team with a startup that raised over $15 million in angel, venture, and private equity funding. He has been CFO and Director of Operations at mid-sized organizations.

Present Pursuit and Mission
David is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and Founded a global community of over 90,000 entrepreneurs. He’s now on a mission to share the lessons he learned on his journey and make a meaningful difference in the success of over 100,000 entrepreneurs. He and his teams have helped business owners earn $10’s of millions of dollars in additional income.

Vision in Life
His passion for social wellness led him to found eprenz to help entrepreneurs around the world succeed in every step of their journey and connect them with the resources they seek.