$3M LinkedIn Playbook Conference

Discover the exact LinkedIn blueprint that generated over 100K each month without spending a cent on ads.

Conference Purpose: To help CEOs and Business Owners expand their sales force into Enterprise and Government with a simple LinkedIn Blueprint that helped the Speaker generate $3M without spending a cent on advertising.

Event Date

Starting on July 29, 2021

Event Time

July 29, 2021 – 5pm EDT to 8pm EDT

Event Location

Virtual Conference

Topics that the Conference will cover

Oscar Chavez shares the exact methods and steps that helped them see handsome revenue every month.

$3M LinkedIn Blueprint

Take a deep dive into the precise LinkedIn blueprint that generated over 100K every month for only a single product. Money spent on advertising: 0 cents.

Systems and Automations that stole the show

Discover the exact automations and systems Oscar and his team used that made them earn more and work less. It helped them run the operation less than 3 hours per week.

Create a profitable Autopilot Sales Engine

Learn the step-by-step sales process that helped them run their sales engine on autopilot.

Blueprint that helped free up more time

The blueprint that made Oscar free from wearing all the hats and engaged with work to being able to choose what he spent time on.

Marketing Method that generated $3M

Oscar breaks down their precise marketing method with steps and action plans that helped them generate that $3M last month!

The structure that helped repeat the same next month

The same earning and efforts must fall into a repeatable process to keep your millions consistent. Oscar shares his precise structure that will help you to generate the exact amount continued each month.

Bonus: You will also get the contractual clause Oscar used to boost the value of the $3M deal.

About the Speaker

Our partners and successful speakers can help you to take your leadership skills to the next level and guide you on how to become a true leader during the conference.

Oscar Chavez

Oscar Chavez

Best Selling Author and Speaker

As a speaker, Oscar loves building brands and has spoken on the same stages as Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Ndaba Mandela, Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak and Dr Phil. He is sought after for his knowledge and expertise on influence, sales, boardroom risk, marketing, cybersecurity and is a high-performance coach with his unique “SSP” framework – Strategy, Sales, Profit.

He has been trained in Speed Reading by Howard Berg (Guinness World Record Holder) so he reads a book per week to keep his mind sharp and out of his comfort zone. His dedication to growth mindset makes him a unique contributor to every organisation he works with.

In the media, Oscar has appeared on The Voice Australia, The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, San Fransisco Business Times along with many more radio, TV and magazine appearances.

As a mentor to 500 startups and 75,000 entrepreneurs all around the world, Oscar helps create a strategy for forward-thinking business owners to stay focused, generate more sales and build stronger relationships with their network.

Your Takeaways from the Conference

You will discover:


The systems and step-by-step actions helped Oscar generate $3,000,000 (3M) on LinkedIn a single month,


Effective ways to transform your LinkedIn profile and welcome a life-changing profitable opportunity,


Simple formulae that will help experts like you to become free from wearing all the hats in your business,


Smooth steps to put your sales engine on autopilot and earn $3M.

$3M Linkedin Playbook Conference

Save your spot now to build a trusted network with a global community of entrepreneurs.

July 29, 2021 @ 2.00pm PDT | 5.00pm EDT | 10.00pm BST | 2.30am IST ( Duration : 3 Hours )

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