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Hi. I am Izzy! Welcome to JFY Content.

I am a professional freelance writer who writes in the digital marketing niche whether it’s content, copywriting, blogging, press releases, ghostwriting, SEO, or e-mail marketing. I also write content regarding strategic planning, employer branding, training and mentoring.

Due to my unique career experiences I specialize in the following niches:

  • Finance (over 10 years)
  • Business Development (over 25 years)
  • Non-Profits (2 years)
  • Telecom (over 20 years)
  • Israeli Startups (2 years)
  • Health & Wellness (over 10 years)
  • Ketogenics & Intermittent Fasting (2 years)
  • Active Aging (2 years)
Izzy Leizerowitz

Izzy Leizerowitz

Freelance Writer

Highly decisive Business Development executive and freelance writer using over 30 + years of proven experience.

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