Hire Right. Fire Less!
The Story of Fletcher Wimbush.

Firing an employee is one of the most stressful things an empathetic leader must do. Startup CEO Fletcher Wimbush has a solution for the pain.

Empathetic leaders feel the pain deeply when they realize they have hired the wrong employee and have to terminate their teammates for poor performance. Startup founder, Fletcher Wimbush’s personal story, explores how his background and experience led him to create and lead a company that seeks to solve the deep pain and wasted money spent on poor hiring decisions. Their solution combines software, aptitude testing, and services to avoid poor hiring decisions and results in a huge ROI for companies that implement their solution.

Unveiling the Heart of The Journey: Early Life and Inspiration

Fletcher’s journey into the world of entrepreneurship was ignited by the wisdom and guidance of his father – a management consultant and business coach. The early seeds of leadership, personal growth, and effective communication were sown through their heartfelt conversations. These exchanges fostered a deep-rooted passion for continuous improvement, acting as a catalyst for Fletcher’s future endeavors.
The lessons learned from his father’s teachings became the cornerstone of Fletcher’s formative years. Leadership roles, such as captaining a football team and steering student organizations, fortified his belief in the profound impact of assembling the right team. These nascent experiences laid the foundation for a journey characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Forging a Path with Purpose: Empathy at the Helm

At the heart of Fletcher’s entrepreneurial story lies the creation of The Hire Talent – an embodiment of his resolute mission. The essence of this mission is simple yet profound: to enable businesses to overcome hiring challenges and to foster an environment of ‘Talented Team Players’ driven by empathy at the helm. The name “The Hire Talent” encapsulates a commitment to attracting exceptional individuals and propelling clients’ businesses to unprecedented heights.
The Hire Talent offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to address every facet of talent acquisition, especially employee performance and employee turnover. From innovative recruitment marketing tools that amplify candidate attraction to an array of meticulous assessment techniques, every element is meticulously designed. Beyond the initial hiring phase, The Hire Talent also champions a performance management component, ensuring the seamless development and retention of top-tier talent.

Navigating the Depths: Setback and Rise-Up

Fletcher’s journey is not without its trials, as he candidly recounts the hurdles he encountered that led him to be an empathetic leader. A defining moment arose when he embarked on an ambitious endeavor – establishing a traditional head-hunting division within his company. As the initial excitement subsided, the realization dawned that scaling this venture was a complex undertaking. The experience took an emotional toll as Fletcher had to make the heart-wrenching decision to part ways with teammates. The poignant narrative captures the raw emotions tied to entrepreneurship – the weight of difficult choices and the indomitable spirit required to persevere.
Amidst the setbacks, his resilience shone through. Rather than succumbing to defeat, he and his remaining team member, Stephanie, embarked on a journey of revival. Their unwavering commitment, tireless efforts, and unwavering determination paved the way for a remarkable resurgence. Through sheer grit and determination, they not only salvaged the business but also set the stage for enduring growth.

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Solving Recruitment Woes: Practical Hiring Solutions and Tangible Results

The hallmark of The Hire Talent lies in its ability to offer practical solutions to some of the most pressing recruitment problems. Employee turnover, often a challenge for businesses, is addressed through meticulous pre-employee assessments. Leveraging a suite of assessment tools, The Hire Talent delves into candidates’ aptitude, attitude, and integrity. The result is a significant reduction in turnover rates, with some clients experiencing a drop from a staggering 100% to less than 10%.
A notable example is a concrete company that faced an array of recruitment problems. With Fletcher’s guidance, they revamped their approach, leveraging Integrity testing and automated interview scheduling. In just three weeks, the company hired a team of qualified drivers, leading to a substantial increase in gross revenue. The Hire Talent’s practical solutions exemplify the transformative potential of addressing recruitment problems head-on.
“In just three weeks they hired five licensed CDL drivers who were better vetted than any other candidate they had ever hired resulting in an additional $210,000 in gross revenue generated per month.” – Fletcher Wimbush
Likewise, for many of their clients, Fletcher’s firm has reduced employee turnover by implementing assessments and better interviewing by 90%, increased applicant flow in commission-only sales jobs by 50X, and the list goes on and on.

Guiding Entrepreneurs: Lessons and Advice on Performance Management to Reduce Layoffs

Fletcher’s journey holds valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of talent acquisition:
1. Prioritize Hiring: Elevate recruiting and hiring to a central tenet of your business strategy.
2. Define Core Values: Establish a clear mission, vision, and core values to guide hiring decisions and attract like-minded individuals.
3. Structured Approach: Craft a systematic hiring process that ensures consistency and success. Use structured assessment tools for hiring.
4. Refine Your Craft: Continuously enhance your interviewing and pre-employment assessment skills to glean meaningful insights from candidates.

A Glimpse of the Future: Inspiration and Transformation

As Fletcher’s journey continues to unfold, the future brims with potential for further growth and influence. Grounded in the unyielding belief in the power of a “Talented Team Players” approach, Fletcher remains dedicated to empowering businesses to harness their full potential. His commitment to personal growth, unwavering leadership, and mentorship ensures that his legacy will continue to inspire and shape the journeys of countless entrepreneurs.
The voyage of Fletcher Wimbush and The Hire Talent epitomizes the essence of addressing recruitment problems and solutions in the entrepreneurial landscape. Guided by his father’s teachings, Fletcher’s story is a testament to the profound impact of passion, perseverance, and a relentless commitment to a mission. Through The Hire Talent, Fletcher not only upholds his father’s legacy but also equips businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive world. As entrepreneurs seek solutions that resonate with authenticity and efficacy, Fletcher’s journey stands as a beacon of transformation and inspiration.

Contact Fletcher Wimbush directly:

Email: fletcher@thehiretalent.com
LinkedIn: Fletcher Wimbush
Websites: The Hire Talent, Discovered ATS

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Fletcher Wimbush

Fletcher Wimbush

CEO - The Hire Talent

At the heart of Fletcher's entrepreneurial story lies the creation of The Hire Talent – an embodiment of his resolute mission. The essence of this mission is simple yet profound: to enable businesses to overcome hiring challenges and to foster an environment of "Talented Team Players."