How to make your Business Stand out from Competitors

Do you know how to differentiate yourself from competitors? In the article, you will find tips on doing that.

How is the Human Brain wired?

The human brain has a limbic system and is involved in our behavioral and emotional responses. It is also called the lizard brain as only lizards are known to have it apart from humans.

Two things that the limbic system constantly tries to do, whether you are aware of it or not, are:

  • Thrive and survive – The brain is constantly looking for ways, in any situation, to stay alive and thrive.
  • Conserve calories – It makes the brain latch on to things and experiences that take as little effort as possible to comprehend.

The flywheel that includes the three steps of marketing and engagement- curiosity, commitment, and enlightenment- revolves around the characteristics of human nature.


Why should customers choose you?

Let’s take a dive into what exactly attracts customers and how you can highlight your product/service uniqueness to draw them in so they keep choosing you.

What attracts customers?

Customers choose you when they realize that your business understands them. It is important to look at the customers’ problems from their world, not as the seller sees them.

Researching your ideal customers and learning all about them must not be mechanical. Eprenz speaker Ash Roy, in his conversation with Seth Godin, highlights empathizing with customers, perceiving their problems as they see and feel them, and communicating your products/service value that they seek or want, and in a way that they understand.

Craft an offer that solves those problems

Of course, products and services are important but communicating their value to people needs good copywriting: the ideation, the structure, and the way you package that offer.

Thoughtful copywriting helps your customers solve a front-of-mind problem and make your offer pop!