Addressing small business financing challenges: how credit stacking for entrepreneurs provides needed funding.

Journey of Jesse Simpson, veteran, first responder, turned entrepreneur, assisting business owners in accessing 0% interest credit while creating a life of abundance.

Acquiring  business funding ain’t easy. The reality is, the majority of startups ultimately need external capital to expand and thrive in today’s competitive market landscape. Yet, for startup founders, obtaining funds from investors or banks has proven to be a daunting task. Banks typically demand a robust credit history, collateral, a track record in business, a solid business plan, and industry experience, among other criteria.

While a lot of these areas are taken care of by robust business foundations and plans, entrepreneurs often lack the strong credit history due to numerous business growth challenges. Hence most fund-strapped startups tend to fail within the first two years of their formation.

Here is where we make headway into the story of a successful veteran-turned-entrepreneur, whose innovative financial consultancy services businesses in early stage emerges as a game changer. Meet Jesse Simpson, founder of Abundance Code, whose mission is to ‘unlock abundance’ for entrepreneurs and their businesses.


A Case Of Realizing Business Aspirations by Strategic Financial Support

In a world where financial institutions easily decline funding to new startups and investors often ask for high equity stakes, Jesse Simpson’s Abundance Codes has been helping entrepreneurs find the best business credit lines at 0% interest.

Just as in the case of Vince, founder of Fresh Steeps. Vince found himself at a crossroads in his business journey, poised for launch but lacking the necessary capital. Faced with the prospect of relinquishing equity to investors or tapping into personal assets, including his home and investments, Vince was uncertain of his next move.

However, with the assistance of Abundance Codes,  he secured $100,000 in funding, enabling him to successfully introduce his product to the market while investing only a fraction of his own resources. Prior to engaging with Abundance Codes, Vince independently applied for a Chase Business Credit Card, receiving a modest $5,100 limit.

Yet, after collaborating with Abundance Codes, his creditworthiness enabled him to secure a remarkable $80,000 Chase Business Credit Card approval. That’s 0% interest for 12 months! This transformative outcome underscores the pivotal role Abundance Codes played in empowering Vince to realize his business aspirations, demonstrating the profound impact of strategic financial support on entrepreneurial success.


Path to Founding Abundance Codes – The Powerhouse of Building Business Credit

So what made Jesse conceive and deliver the idea of helping starts-up and entrepreneurs in funding their business?

He enlisted in the Marine Corps and served his country. A few years later, he started working as a firefighter in Mesa, Arizona. Life was going great, with a stable paycheck coming through every month. However, Jesse realized that there was much more to life than looking forward to retirement.

The realization dawning on him, Jesse traded his childhood dream job for a one-way flight to Costa Rica, driven by an inner conviction that there had to be more to life. Venturing into an adventure of a lifetime, he initiated multiple businesses using his firefighter pension, life savings, and eventually accruing substantial personal credit card debt to sustain his endeavors. Feeling trapped in a cycle of financial constraint hindering his business aspirations, Jesse embarked on a profound journey to unravel the intricacies of the financial system. Luckily, he was able to crack the code leading him to a revelation about the potential of leveraging 0% interest business credit.

Recognizing the detrimental pattern of using personal funds to kickstart his ventures, Jesse’s mission evolved to spare fellow entrepreneurs from similar funding pitfalls, providing them with access to substantial amounts of 0% interest business credit.

Reflecting on his unexpected foray into the financial sector, Jesse realizes the alignment with his lifelong dedication to freedom and community service. Today, through his venture, he offers a transformative opportunity for those prepared to fully commit to their visions, breaking down the financial barriers hindering entrepreneurial freedom.


How does Abundance Codes Acquire Business Credit for Entrepreneurs?

From enhancing a business’s credit profile to securing funding, Abundance Code offers strategic services that enable founders to accelerate their startup’s growth.

Business Funding  

Abundance Code leverages its systems, strategy and relationships to ensure maximum credit on business credit cards for its clients. Through the strategy of credit stacking, clients have received up to $200,000+ in 0% interest business credit – providing a 6-18 month runway for business ventures to scale. This financial boost is aimed at facilitating the transformation of ventures into profitable and sustainable entities without risking the personal investments, savings or credit.

Credit Repair  

In order to qualify for high amounts of business credit, a high credit score of at least 760+ is necessary. However, if individuals do not yet meet this requirement, Abundance Codes offers assistance in reaching this threshold through its connections at credit bureaus. The primary objective is to expedite the removal of negative accounts from clients’ credit reports, often achieving this within as little as 30 business days. This process ultimately leads to an improvement in the individual’s credit score, enabling them to access the desired business credit amounts.

Company Formation  

For an entity to qualify for funding, it must adhere to all relevant legal regulations, fulfilling various obligations such as having a business address and establishing a website before commencing operations. If individuals are unfamiliar with the intricate process of setting up a business, there’s no need for concern. The dedicated in-house team at Abundance Code manages these requirements on behalf of clients, allowing them to concentrate on building their businesses without distraction. Additionally, for those without an existing business entity, Abundance Codes offers the option of procuring a shelf company from a third party, facilitating the funding process.

For clients who currently don’t have a business, Jesse recommends acquiring an Aged LLC. The objective is to ensure your business administrative and legal obligations are complete and immaculate so that you’re eligible to receive maximum business credit.


Ongoing challenges in the way of Creating Abundance

Navigating the intricate and constantly evolving credit and banking systems presents one of the toughest challenges for Jesse’s business. The complexity of these systems requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of their inner workings. Moreover, the dynamic nature of the credit and banking sectors means that regulations, policies, and market conditions can shift rapidly, posing ongoing challenges that demand adaptability and strategic foresight. Despite these obstacles, Jesse’s venture remains steadfast in his commitment to supporting clients through these complexities, leveraging his expertise and insights to streamline processes, mitigate risks, and maximize opportunities. By staying ahead of the curve and continuously refining his approach, Jesse aims to provide clients with the guidance and resources they need to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape effectively.


Expert Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs to Build Business Credit

Some first-hand kick-off suggestions that can help you re-assess your thoughts and plans for funding your business:

  1. STOP risking your life savings or personal credit for your business! Instead, START leveraging business credit. Utilizing business credit allows you to separate your personal finances from your business endeavors, minimizing risk and protecting your personal assets.
  2. DO NOT take from your investments or even think about giving up equity in your home! Investments are for growing wealth, while business credit is specifically designed for starting or scaling your business. By keeping your personal investments intact and leveraging business credit, you can strategically fund your business without jeopardizing your long-term financial security.


“Smart financial management is key to building a successful and sustainable business.  “



Jesse Simpson – An Entrepreneur’s Partner in Making Their Vision Become a Reality!

Jesse’s journey from serving his community to spending his life savings to experiencing multiple business failures serves as an inspiring tale for aspiring startup founders. Having learned the ropes through challenging experiences, Jesse understands the pitfalls of entrepreneurship all too well. Yet, his hardships have paved the way for a groundbreaking solution that aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from, without enduring the same setbacks.

Through his venture, Abundance Codes, Jesse and his team offer a transformative solution to those in need upfront capital to start up or scale their venture. By leveraging their expertise to clear clients’ credit profiles, they facilitate access to the best credit lines available at 0% interest for startups.

Jesse’s shared vision with Abundance Codes, serves as a beacon of hope for startups struggling to secure funding. Whether it’s restructuring a business or optimizing credit scores, Abundance Codes stands ready to assist at every step of the journey.

Today marks the opportunity to redefine your business’s trajectory.

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Jesse Simpson

Jesse Simpson

Founder & CEO of Abundance Codes

A former US Marine and firefighter turned entrepreneur, now the CEO of Abundance Codes, embarked on a global journey after feeling trapped in his childhood dream job. Realizing the financial loop many entrepreneurs face, he founded Abundance Codes to provide a streamlined solution for small business owners to secure 0% interest funding. With a mission to build wealth for his family and help fellow Americans overcome financial hurdles, the CEO offers a straightforward process to fund business ventures without using personal savings, emphasizing the potential for saving time, money, and stress. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to reach out and explore the opportunities Abundance Codes can offer.