Imagine your sales count after your brand’s exposure to a global community of 90,000+ entrepreneurs

Eprenz is a massive community of entrepreneurs looking to grow their business with your service. We believe in rich exposure of our partners to the right audience through valuable insights to drive scalable turnouts.

Eprenz is part of the daily-routine for entrepreneurs. Reach a pool of prospects for your business.

Distinct crowds that make it easy for you to reach your target market.

90,000+ LinkedIn members around the world.

4,500+ Website members.

34,000+ members in USA.

13,000+ members in India.

13,000+ members in Europe.

6,000+members in UK.

3,500+ members in Canada.

17,000+ Employers with 1 to 10 team members.

13,000+ Employers with 11 to 50 team members.

8,000+ Employers with 51 to 200 team members.

20,000+ Owners.

23,000+ Partners, Directors and CXO

3,500+ Self-employed.

3,000+ Investors.

We reach your audience through insightful and productive collaboration

Eprenz builds quality and knowledge-rich content that engages your audience.

Recorded Insight-rich Webinars

Present deep insightful content-rich webinars to prospects.

Thoughtful Articles

Distribute impactful articles to your target market.

Mastermind Collaboration

Facilitate mastermind groups and help find member’s success with your service.

Advisory Panels

Build lifelong value with potential customers in group-setting events.

Products and Services

Promote your products and services in ServiceConnect, the eprenz marketplace.

Club Connection

Bond with your audience segment in a club, get qualified leads and strategic referral partners.

Committed Mentorship

Foster relationships on our platform to help entrepreneurs scale their business as you see financial growth.

Watch eprenz create value and drive customers to your business

As a partner, eprenz takes lead so you can sit back and achieve your sales goals.

Engaging Promotional Videos

Eprenz will produce and publish promotional videos on eprenz’s official website and social media.

Webinar Publication

All webinars are distributed on eprenz’s official website for forever knowledge access to visitors.

Speaker Profile

Get listed as a speaker profile on our official website.

Metrics that Matter

Provide traffic and conversion count on your service page.

How you can expose your brand to prospects with eprenz

Reach-out to a pool of audience

An outreach to 90,000+ global entrepreneurs on LinkedIn group, and 3,700+ website-subscribed members.

Choose a relevant topic

Tell your founder’s story or provide valuable content within your domain expertise that’s relevant to both our members and your audience.

Select delivery channels

Choose from different eprenz delivery channels including recorded webinars, newsletter articles, LinkedIn recommended posts, content-rich social media channels, and much more.

What can you expect from partnering with us?

We help our partners to reach new customers and win their loyalty.

Pick a Partnership Plan

Choose any of the Partnership plans that suffices your benefit expectations.

Article Partner

Share a featured article to our community of entrepreneurs.

Starting at $295 per article.


Priced per article.


Posted in Linkedin Group and Company page.

Coach Partner

Become a partner coach and unlock tools & resources for success.

Learn more about coach partnership.


White label website with your own branding.


Access to e-learning platform.


Your own branded book as a lead magnet.


Access to a powerful and trusted software that can quantify in absolute financial terms.


Group business coaching on a proven business coaching model that generates winning results.


Coaching and support in learning, implementing our coaching methodology and winning new clients.


Access to a Facebook group with other business coaches using the same or similar methodology.

Mini-Conference Partner

Be a speaker at our mini-conference to grow your business and personal brand.

Starting at $795 to per event.


Three or more speakers join together for a mini-conference (Eprenz can find Co-hosts).


Speak (one at a time) to a shared audience about related but non-competing services.


Conduct 90-minute mini-conference to reach a larger audience.

  • Each Keynote Speaker has 15 minutes.
  • Attendees can ask questions to the panel of experts.
  • Two 15-minute breakout-room group meeting with the speaker of the guests’ choices.

Allows for one-time speaker opportunities.

Exclusively You

Additional introductions, content and events can be purchased a la carte.

Starting at $1,597 per event.


Single partner/speaker webinar or event.


Support in developing your topic and its power.


A Conference event page highlighting you, your topic/story, registration form, and your business.


Email automation begins after registration to promote your Conference topic.


Social media and email release.


Post-event highlighting your page or connection link.


Eprenz support team available for 30-minute discussions, 5 days a week to coordinate upcoming events.


Partner level discounts on additional services such as introductions and other events.

Platinum Community Partner

Additional introductions, content and events can be purchased a la carte.

Starting at $2,497 a month.


Multi-year relationship.


Event development and partnership across over a dozen major events each year.


One partners chosen topic creation each month.


Multi-channel partner: Newsletters, All Social Media Channels, Website Top position branding.


Eprenz personal invitation to events for selected audience members.


Partner video creation.


Locking in pricing and benefiting through our growth.


Dedicated Eprenz team member up to 10 hours per month working on special programs and events to feature your company.

Diamond Community Partner

Additional introductions, content and events can be purchased a la carte.

Contact us to learn more.


Everything from platinum community partner.


Category exclusive promotion.


Category exclusive events.


Dedicated eprenz team member up to 20 hours per month working on special programs and events to feature your company.


Direct introductions by eprenz to selected members.