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Become a Coaching Leader for Change. Make a Meaningful Difference and Build a Profitable Thriving Coaching or Consulting Team.

Eprenz Provides the Framework, Coaching, Backoffice and Tools to enable your coaching practice to thrive.

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The Coaching Leader Architect

Be a powerhouse Coaching Leader and lead a team of coaches and consultants. Structure their way to success while building $1M+ in revenue.

What's included?
  • Visioning your business:- Support in developing your vision and mission, market strategy, customer persona etc.
  • Building the foundation:- System techniques and processes; training to build a scalable team; customized marketing materials and white label website
  • Learning the tools:- Video and personal training; e-learning platform; powerful software and group coaching.
  • Value added services:- Marketing, sales funnel, articles, interviews etc.
  • Ongoing monthly services:- One-to-one coaching, group coaching masterclass, Tech Jedi services, Marketing Maven Services, People operations, Number crunches, Very VA etc. 

The Coaching Leader Saas Mastery

Only need the software? Get ammunition of best in class Saas tools to keep you ahead of competition. Let automation offload your work.

What's included?
  • Saas Coaching Platform: Profit Acceleration Software.
  • Appointment booking and management software
  • Business Coaching Software
  • AI meeting recording and transcribing software
  • Sales & CRM management software
  • Internal communication software

Financial and Business Assistance

Financial and business advisory services to guide your business and keep you ahead of the curve. Save your business from pitfalls and steer it through ever changing industry and economic dynamics.

What's included?
  • Business Foundation Analytics
  • Business Financial Performance
  • Business Operations Review
  • Business Model Foundation
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Other Specific Analysis on a Case-by-Case Basis

We reach your audience through insightful and productive collaboration

Eprenz builds quality and knowledge-rich content that engages your audience.

Interviews/ articles

Position yourself as a leader with thought provoking articles and interviews. Build credibility and position yourself as a coaching leader accelerating social impact.

Jedi Tech Stack

Software stack to reach out to your audience, automate customer journeys and save valuable time. Helps you acquire, serve and retain..

The 100K community

Be a part of an evergrowing entrepreneur community of 100K+. Engage and leverage the platform to showcase your credibility and success.

BrainStorm Events

Take part in webinars, mini-conferences, club events and get access to entrepreneurs eager to engage and network. Build your reputation as a coaching leader.

Marketing Maven Services

Makes your business stand out in the digital world. Proven and tested marketing resources, branded exclusively for you tokeep you ahead of the curve.


Be Independent, not alone

Be part of the Eprenz Community of coaches and practice management. Be independent but not alone.

Eprenz is part of the daily-routine for entrepreneurs. Reach a pool of prospects for your business.

Distinct crowds that make it easy for you to reach your target market.

100,000+ LinkedIn members around the world.

5,000+ Website members.

38,000+ members in USA.

16,000+ members in India.

15,000+ members in Europe.

7,500+ members in Africa.

7,000+members in UK.

6,000+ members in Canada.

4,000+ members in Middle East.

1,500+ members in Nigeria.

20,000+ Employers with 1 to 10 team members.

16,000+ Employers with 11 to 50 team members.

10,000+ Employers with 51 to 200 team members.

32,000+ Owners, founders and CEOs.

24,000+ Partners, Directors and CXO

5,500+ Self-employed.

3,500+ Investors.