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Eprenz Provides the Framework, Coaching, Backoffice and Tools to enable your coaching practice to thrive.

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Practice Builder Coaching: Foundation & Leadership

Frameworks to build a coaching practice business and position yourself as a leader.

What's included?
  • The Acquire framework:- Via this framework, we help you get your business mission and vision aligned with your goals, help you identify your target market, ideal prospects in the market and most importantly help you attract them to your business.
  • The Serve Framework:- As you build your team we do tasks aligned to help you serve your team/customers better.
  • The Retain framework:- Our Retain framework helps you retain your team and repeat the success journey with deliverables like research, marketing, and back-office support. We also guide you through things you require to do to retain your team and create value for them.

Practice Builder Coaching: SaaS Tools

Frameworks to build the technology foundation for positioning yourself as a team leader

What's included?
  • Saas Coaching Platform: Profit Acceleration Software.
  • Appointment booking and management software
  • Business Coaching Software
  • AI meeting recording and transcribing software
  • Sales management software
  • Group Coaching Platform for Mastermind Groups
  • Elearning Platform to Facilities Client training and Group Coaching
  • Expert Guidance in Digital Marketing
  • Financial Training for Entrepreneurs
  • Internal communication software
  • Eprenz is a Certified Platinum Plus Licensed Reseller

Financial & Business Advisory Services: Foundation & Consulting

We will not only take care of your books but provide financial and business advisory services

What's included?
  • Business Foundation Analytics
  • Business Financial Performance
  • Business Operations Review
  • Business Model Foundation
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Other Specific Analysis on a Case-by-Case Basis

We reach your audience through insightful and productive collaboration

Eprenz builds quality and knowledge-rich content that engages your audience.

Interviews and articles

Reach your target market and position yourself as a leader with thought provoking articles and interviews.

State-of-the art software

Our latest software stack helps you reach out to your audience and automate customer journeys. Helps you acquire, serve and retain.

Digital Marketing

Be it paid or organic, our digital marketing efforts make your business stand out in the digital world.

Eprenz is part of the daily-routine for entrepreneurs. Reach a pool of prospects for your business.

Distinct crowds that make it easy for you to reach your target market.

100,000+ LinkedIn members around the world.

5,000+ Website members.

38,000+ members in USA.

16,000+ members in India.

15,000+ members in Europe.

7,500+ members in Africa.

7,000+members in UK.

6,000+ members in Canada.

4,000+ members in Middle East.

1,500+ members in Nigeria.

20,000+ Employers with 1 to 10 team members.

16,000+ Employers with 11 to 50 team members.

10,000+ Employers with 51 to 200 team members.

32,000+ Owners, founders and CEOs.

24,000+ Partners, Directors and CXO

5,500+ Self-employed.

3,500+ Investors.