The Price of Freedom

Membership & Pricing

As a highly innovative startup that believes everyone benefits through generosity, we’re interested in like-minded entrepreneurs.

Open groups – Featuring our Generosity Pricing Model, these programs have no set price. Someone paid for you, now you can pay it forward. As Adam Grant says in his book Give and Take, “givers outperform takers in the long run.”

Join as our guest = $0,  Contributions accepted.

Premier groups – These are designed for aspiring, as well as accomplished entrepreneurs who are ready to commit to their success. These programs feature mentors, facilitators and peers. Here, we require a 3-month minimum.

Subscription – We have plenty of content about different aspects of entrepreneurship and business. The subscription also includes success stories, webinars, think tanks and expert articles. To learn more about subscription click here.

To learn more about premier pricing, check out this video and head over to the registration page.