The keys to your creative genius

Collaborating with Your Inner Wisdom and unleash your creativity.


If you want your life or /your business to be more of reflection of who you are, then this webinar is for you. Regardless of how much or who you know, or how hard you work, there are a few objectives that appear to be distant or almost difficult to make occur. Be that as it may, you truly need them! So you work more enthusiastically and more intelligent, you deal with your time better, take another course, employ another specialist. You keep looking “out there” to locate the missing piece.

Yet, you’re looking in wrong places. When looking “out there” doesn’t give you the outcomes you need, you must look “in here” to the internal insight of your imaginative genius. Regardless of how great you get at making the external appearance, in case you’re not taking a shot at acing the inward game, you will consistently be running into invulnerable dividers. In this 1-hour Talk and Workshop, you will learn straightforward yet amazingly integral assets to interface with your Creative Genius and reveal the appropriate responses, arrangements, and leaps forward you need.

For this workshop, come arranged with a short rundown of things in your business or individual life you’d like to change, change, illuminate, or make. During the workshop you’ll chip away at one of them to start making change, while rehearsing how to carry unendingly greater inventiveness and experience to an amazing majority. Here are the keys :


Start with “I don’t know”


Grow with “I’m willing to act on what i discover”


Continue with “I want to know”


Regardless of whether in your business or individual life, these basic apparatuses will start to reinvent how you approach a mind-blowing majority.


You will find that you’re exploring through existence with a sort of insight, trust, imagination and certainty that you may never have encountered.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Daniel Piatek in this webinar to understand the real meaning of your life and collaborating with your inner wisdom.

Daniel Piatek

Daniel Piatek

Founder of Hero Academy

Helping Those Who Feel “There MUST Be More For Me” to Actually Get It In Their Lives!

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