Stress, the silent killer of happiness

Learn about the dialogue with our inner self and being calm.


  • Do you feel stressed over even the slightest or tiniest inconvenience? Let alone the massive problems in work or life.
  • Or, do you feel anxious and, out of fear, bring different other aspects on the table even though they have absolutely nothing to do with your current problem?
  • Has the pandemic contributed and it’s effects permeated negatively enough into your mind and body?

If yes, then this webinar is for you.

Stress Management Coach, Alice Law believes that the modern-day stress treats our system the way when it used to when our ancestors reacted on encountering a lion out of the bushes back in the day;making us overwhelmed.

We are constantly under micro-stresses that build up gradually to take the form of macro-stresses. The flight or fight aims to keep you stressed. Headache, heart problems, weight loss or obesity, etc., can cause depression and anxiety. Thereby, it stops you from being your full potential.

In this webinar, you will learn the importance of:


The dialogue with our inner self which is the only guaranteed and honest bond that will remain from the start of your life till the end. She takes the example of a person who was falsely accused and 20+ years imprisoned for the rape of a woman who he, in reality, never had met. After his release, he claimed that his talk with his inner self is what healed and kept him going strong all these years.


Being calm, a forgotten skill. And ready to take control of your destiny. Our focus goes where the energy goes. If we constantly judge ourselves, we invite the negative demons inside our minds and the dreaded depression tags along.

Alice shows an effective and calming morning routine for 15 minutes that will teach you the importance of:


Gratitude that boosts your subconscious mind and radiates confidence. It teaches you to rejoice over things no matter how small.


Affirmative words that you say and believe in the morning, makes them stronger and matures your subconscious.


Breath and meditation that tells our mind that we aren’t afraid.


Intent and how powerful it is on both your mind and body when you repeat good and productive intentions out loud.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Alice Law in this webinar to learn about Stress management and unlocking the happiness.

Alice Law

Alice Law

Founder of Lawali Life

Alice is a Stress Management & Holistic Performance Coach, 5 Star Rated Podcaster, International Speaker, Reiki & Intuitive Expert and Founder of Lawali Life.

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