Mindfulness  Entrepreneurship  Bootcamp

From Idea to Business

You will learn to progress from ideation to build a product, make it a money-making product, implement resources, and call it a business.


The bootcamp is a rapid-paced 5-hour program for all entrepreneurs, but especially relevant to early-stage founders with aspirations to build a scalable start-up.

Christos Kritikos is a Startup Coach and dreamer who advises startups on turning their ideas into reality.  In this series of webinars, they walk the entrepreneurs step-by-step through building their business with a vision that serves the greater good contributing to societal wellness. They nurture you with key topics that are fundamental to the entrepreneur’s journey to create one’s own thriving business from scratch. We present a few insights into the webinar so you can read and interpret its value for yourself.


From Idea to Business : Idea / Technology / Skill is NOT enough to start a business. The essential business equation includes a combination of the Product, Market, Operations, and Resources. But instead of jumping to one element to another, there are stepping stones at each point that will enable you to attain them. The webinar will teach you how to progress from ideation to creating a useful product, from a product to a money-making product, and from monetizing to locate and implement resources. That is the road to initiate a successful business.


Build it and they will come? Christos highlights that one of the reasons for numerous business failures is people skip the critical step of idea validation before they build the product. Learn about the three essential validation steps, namely, Market, Idea, and Product Validation in depth so that you can relate to your business solutions and make them relevant.


Dive deeper : Indulge in the rigorous exercises to comprehend your Product Mission better and lend your idea a valid reason to exist.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Christos Kritikos in this webinar to learn about the ingredients required to build a business that thrives while contributing to the society.

Christos Kritikos

Christos Kritikos

Startup coach / mentor

Helping entrepreneurs tackle startup chaos, gain market traction, and become fundable.

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  1. John Champion

    Great topic, great people. A topic for everyone who truly wants to be a world changer in business and life.

    I am a Nigerian.
    I am a world changer.
    Thank you so much for everything

  2. John Champion

    I don’t know how I bumped to this platform. But sincerely, I am grateful.


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