Mindfulness  Entrepreneurship  Bootcamp

Create Your Startup Plan

Strategize and implement these aspects to create a mature startup plan.


The bootcamp is a rapid-paced 5-hour program for all entrepreneurs, but especially relevant to early-stage founders with aspirations to build a scalable start-up.

Christos Kritikos is a Startup Coach and dreamer who advises startups on turning their ideas into reality.  In this series of webinars, they walk the entrepreneurs step-by-step through building their business with a vision that serves the greater good contributing to societal wellness. They nurture you with key topics that are fundamental to the entrepreneur’s journey to create one’s own thriving business from scratch. We present a few insights into the webinar so you can read and interpret its value for yourself.


Create your Startup Plan : This discussion breaks down each component: Product, Market, Operations, and Resources, into smaller and finer data points that need your assessment.


Company Strategy : Christos guides you on how-to carefully map your company strategy and emphasizes the importance of a master plan crafted from the management’s end.


Nurturing Customers : Without an audience, your business is bound to fail. That said, it surfaces the question of how to be customer-centric. You will learn the importance of customer communication and how to engage your audience with your product and build sustainable relationships.


Risk and Opportunities : Know how to plan and brace for possible business risks and opportunities. You can assess the potential severity of effects on your business and come up with mitigation plans for serious risks.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Christos Kritikos in this webinar to learn about the ingredients required to build a business that thrives while contributing to the society.

Christos Kritikos

Christos Kritikos

Startup coach / mentor

Helping entrepreneurs tackle startup chaos, gain market traction, and become fundable.

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    Hi everyone am so exited to be part of this great group.


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