Effective Goal Setting Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Learn about the key ways to achieve entrepreneurial goals through SMART strategies.


In this webinar, Ammara Zareen, an Executive Coach, presents the key ways to achieve entrepreneurial goals through SMART strategies. She foregrounds the importance of the word by breaking it down into Specific, Measurement, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Ammara highlights the gravity of certain practices that can lead any person to set realistic goals and achieve them.


Consistency: Consistency fetches tangible results. It keeps you in motion acting towards the goals set in mind. She teaches to keep the immediate or short-term objectives aligned to the higher goals in life. And this is how desires and goals drive us each day and when consistent, every day.


Intentions: Digging deep in what you believe contributes to set your intentions in the direction of your goals. Ammara emphasizes the importance of vision and clarity necessary to come up with objectives in business. In the webinar, she demonstrates how your belief, vision, and intention impacts your approach towards goals.


Resources: We are born with healthy internal resources, that is, the mind and it’s unique vision. Ammara foregrounds the necessity to make optimal use of such internal wealth.


Filter Mechanism: Our brain scans information around us constantly. What we see, hear, tell ourselves have enormous power to contribute to our beliefs and way of thinking. She suggests we take advantage of that to the fullest.

If we see an information/content or in this case, goal, our brain registers it 30%. When we write them down, it registers 80%. In this manner, we can remind ourselves about it time and again to manipulate our minds and direct them to a productive way of thinking. Ammara’s process of bringing the mind to focus is strategic as it bars negative and demotivating content around with one’s own internal energy.

The Dos

  • Prioritize your tasks with respect to your immediate and future needs.
  • Develop a habit of consistency and going back to visit your goals.
  • Make use of management tools to address your action items step-by-step.

The Don’ts

  • Overburdening your list and yourself with goals.
  • Being unrealistic and ignoring practical data.

Learn more key insights about setting SMART goals from the webinar itself.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Ammara Zareen in this webinar to learn the effective ways of setting entrepreneurial goals.

Ammara Zareen

Ammara Zareen

Executive Coach, Business Consultant and SME Trainer

I am passionate about making a meaningful impact in businesses and startups through collaboration with entrepreneurs and business leaders so that they can transform their businesses, and increase their performance and efficiency.

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