Power of Now – Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Yes, but there’s a simpler way that no one is talking about.


This is constantly an extraordinary question; would entrepreneurship be able to be taught? There are numerous articles, recordings, talks, and individuals selling this methodology. There’s constantly a continuous discussion about whether business people are made or conceived. Get answer to this question in the webinar. Here are some of the key take aways from the webinar.


Creating what you want with fun and ease.


Learning things about you as an entrepreneur.


Finding simpler ways to create your business.


Taking small steps and appreciating what you can, will and have achieved.

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Richard G Kelly in this webinar to understand whether entrepreneurship can be taught or not. Whether Entrepreneurs are born or made.

Richard G Kelly

Richard G Kelly

Transformation Coach

I assist individuals to stay committed, empowered, focused, disciplined, and develop a winning mentality. The coaching and training that I have gotten had such an amazing impact on me that I chose to turn into a mentor myself.

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