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Learn how you can implement Transformation into your business in a strategic, intelligent, and consistent manner.


A fine line exists between Change and Transformation, believes Eprenz Mentor Joseph Sudhip.

The concept of Change is likewise to a snake shedding its skin time and again. It’s tied to being constant and competitive. But to exemplify Transformation, Joseph takes the wonderful metamorphosis of a caterpillar that grows into a butterfly. This gradual essence is the reason why Transformation is the term and practice that he has a sensible bias towards.

In this webinar, he builds up gradually to explain how you can implement Transformation into your business in a strategic, intelligent, and consistent manner.

To explain it, Joseph draws on German Scientist Albert Einstein’s Domains of Knowledge Theory. It is strictly complementary to the breakthroughs and booms in industries that we see rising.

We know that we know: 15%
We know that we know: 15%
We know that we don’t know: 15%

It is the third domain of knowledge that attracts Joseph simply because of the rich possibilities it holds. This untapped area of our knowledge, when explored, is where the entrepreneurial breakthroughs occur. Wonder how Tesla and SpaceX have grabbed their market niche in less time? We are sure that you have the answer by now. They have successfully tapped into Einstein’s final domain of knowledge to create something new, something unique, something that has not been thought about by the then existing mature car manufacturing giants.

The Framework of a Business Model Canvas

Joseph stresses the importance of surrounding the Business Model Canvas with the four questions as laying a strong foundation of it:

At first, comes the WHY, to begin with the vision of your venture. He emphasizes the clarity of the reason for your idea to be true and start with the business model design. The purpose holds weight as it’s the only thing that drives you to create a strong backbone and continue.
Specify your WHAT. State your business actions and the things you are doing to serve your vision.
Be clear with WHO your targets are. Know who you aim to serve, the problems that a specific type of people are suffering from. Know them and stay updated on their pain-points, integrate your approach to heal them better into the model.
Focus on HOW you can create the value to provide your customers with.

The idea of the Business Model Design structure is to make optimal use of resources to draw a healthier outcome. Joseph explains 14 different Canvases applicable to creating a strategically mature business model. He harks back to the framework of his business model to explain with examples and makes it crystal clear to where and how you should start.

Each Canvas is pregnant with highly informative data points, with the understanding of which any of us can integrate into creating a mature and competitive business model design. Watch the webinar to find more intricate information and strategies necessary to progress!

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Joseph Sudhip in this webinar to learn how to design your business model in a most effective and strategic manner.

Joseph Sudhip

Joseph Sudhip

Business Coach

Registered Corporate Coach conducting Business Model Design Workshops / Business Coaching / Business Mentoring.

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