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“We all end up creating a reflection of what we subconsciously think we are and think we are not.”
– Dan Warburton, Transformational Coach.

Webinar Takeaways

You have to think in retrospect to fix your current limitations that hold you back to be in absolute power. The power to be the best version of yourself. When you are empowered, you beat the limiting elements and boldly do what’s necessary and sensible.

In this webinar, Transformational Coach Dan Warburton begins with his own childhood experience that caused failure and likewise takes you on a self-inquiry journey through his 7-point transformational mandala. Dan asks you to recall your childhood memories when you felt embarrassed. What you were thinking in that moment about yourself with a sentence starting with, ‘I’m not…’. Later, asks you what impact it leaves in your mind and your practical actions and outcome.

However, those 7 stages include:


Entering the inquiry
Dan asks you to think of the events that lead you to see yourself as playing small with the example of people not showing up in appointments that were otherwise promised. And asks what was the thought that struck you at that moment.


Cellular memory
When that self-disappointment thought hits you, in which part of your body do you literally feel that sensation? The reason why this stage is important is because he wants to make you realize the effects on your physiology.


The emotional event
Think about a moment when you first felt a similar sensation, mainly in your childhood. What was the emotional event that caused you feel likewise?


Awaken to the state of survival
Next, Dan asks you about the interpretation that we make of ourselves after we are hit with the early emotional event and sensation. After that, think about what is it that you don’t get when you interpret your identity in that manner. He makes you realize what you don’t have in the present when your mind takes over with such an interpretation.


Freedom from survival
What is it that you do or have in your life that you don’t want to once you get that perception or interpretation of yourself? What toll or the unwanted impact does it take in your present and your activities? Next, he asks what do you want but cannot have it?

Empowered state

Create your self
How can you be now before the world, with your colleagues, in a networking event, that you don’t need to be the ways you have been until a moment ago?

Full expression

Live the dream
Now, think about what your dreams are, and what becomes possible once you know how the self-destroying thought-pattern works. You have paved the way to work on your best lifestyle and dreams through as you now are aware of the mind’s nature and will automatically stop yourself from re-taking the defeating actions.

Dan points out that the negative experiences that triggered your mind to create obnoxious beliefs of yourself makes a gradual entrance into your subconscious, accumulates with the new negatives over the years, and turns latent. Although latent, they are strong enough to hold your back to be your best in the later years, make you redo the similar acts, and difficult to trace as you’d seek the root to fix the problem.

Gradually, at the end you tend to feel a shift in the beliefs of your identity. Once you achieve this, automatically, you will expose yourself to larger possibilities, set your mind free to create your new self, and ultimately take bold, massive decisions, execute them and create and live the dream lifestyle.

Did his 7-point self-inquiry journey made you realize and feel any change? If yes, you can head over to look what else he can help you with on your entrepreneurial journey!

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Dan Warburton in this webinar asks you to recall your childhood memories when you felt embarrassed.

Dan Warburton

Dan Warburton

Transformation Coach

I have a track record of having now enabled over 1000 entrepreneurs and business owners to completely transform their lives and often just after one transformation coaching session with me.

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    Am William Goodman from Accra, ghana.a painter by profession and an entrepreneur who want to take my Painting business to another level.i have a business plan.but partnership with people is my to get people with the same Passion in the work I do is my problem.instead of helping to build the business plan, they want to use my entire savings on Vans to start the business.

    Please am I supposed to buy Vans to start or start my business plan when it improves then we buy them


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