Affiliate Marketing 101 

Learn about building your affiliate marketing business from scratch.


The reason for this online class is to instruct aspiring and early-stage business people from marketing background to understand the straightforward nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing, from a concise history of the business to approaches to acquire really solid automated revenue a month after month, year after year.


Get a clear understanding of what affiliate marketing is all about.


Explore the various types of affiliate marketing to help you determine which one best fits with your personality, style and area of interest


Show you the main differences between affiliate marketing and MLM


Offer you the opportunity to connect with Lisa for a private consultation, to answer questions and help you get started on your journey

Meet the Speaker

Join Eprenz and Lisa Harris in this webinar to learn about affiliate marketing from a concise history to approaches to acquire revenue each month.

Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris

Affiliate Marketer

A career entertainment and marketing professional from New York with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Arts from Hampton University. I currently focus on TV & film production, and affiliate marketing (since 2015).

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