As a business owner

Yes, you know where you’re going,

Do you also know how to get there?

“Trust the process”, they say. Well, how do you know if your process is working out for you? After all, you don’t want to be putting in years of effort and money only for it not to work out in the end.

Eprenz would like to support business owners like you with a free business audit.
We offer a concise range of Business evaluation and Business coaching services to help entrepreneurs steer their business to start making their desired revenue.

Do take a look at what we can help you with.

Free Consult or Business Audit


Member offer – Register to Qualify &
Schedule time on David’s Calendar

  • 45 minutes live assessment and gain a detailed report of your business
  • Conduct your assessment in any currency in the world
  • With our PA software’s Jumpstart 12 module, find opportunities where you can earn $50k to $100k more
  • Learn the calculated revenue impact of the opportunities you have across 12 fields

Business Valuation


one time

  • Learn the present value of your business
  • Receive a detailed report

Business Evaluation Deep dive


  • Gain a clear understanding of your business problem with our deep dive in 3-6 weeks
  • Discover and understand what is not adding up in this full audit
  • Receive a focused report with analysis, observations and suggestions
  • Custom questionnaire guide created for your specific problem area

Custom consulting for businesses

Custom pricing to suit your needs

  • Improve your revenue and profit generation
  • Understand your business processes with our custom questionnaire guides.
  • David will spend up to 18 hours first month to conduct research, analysis and gain deep understanding of your financial performance.
  • Custom consulting personally by David to suit your needs 4 to 8 hours of dedicated coaching per month.
  • 4 to 8 hours of dedicated coaching per month.

Coaching for Business Coaches


/ three month

(Starting offer – $200 for first month)

  • Build a scalable business coaching practice with proven systems and processes
  • Develop a client-base by quantifying the financial impact you can create for them. Access our powerful software for the same
  • A lead magnet in the form of your own branded book
  • Provide an e-learning platform to your clients
  • A white label website promoting you and your business
  • Social media promotion
    • 1 main poster promoting you as an Eprenz Coach partner
    • Poster exposure to 100k member group on LinkedIn

To know how you can do this within our community, fill out our survey to get a custom roadmap. This personalized roadmap will guide you to derive the best value from Eprenz.

If you need a walkthrough on how our services will fulfil your needs, click here to schedule a brief meeting. A team member will meet and discuss with you at a time convenient for you.