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Speedy Business Funding

The Speedy brand was created to speed up many business services while saving merchants money and offering products and services that normally are only available to the big retail giants or that the average small business would normally not qualify for due to challenged credit, short time in business or low volume, while simultaneously helping these same merchants lower their liabilities and increase their revenue. Although we offer many business products, we also offer business owner and individuals without businesses to benefit from our credit restoration services and personal loan products that were initially created to offer business owners additional benefits in doing business with our company but recently we just started helping individuals without business ownership benefit from some of the same products and services that were originally only reserved for business owners as an extra benefit to all of our B2B products and services. Speedy Merchant Services actually offers better products and services than most very large retail chains receive. Some examples of these are our consumer pay financing where we will approve 100% of your customers regardless of their credit score and guarantee the payments they make to you regardless if they pay the payment or not, because if they don’t we will and then collect from the customer. The Speedy brand is committed to excellent customer service and support and all of our employees and representatives are right here in the United States as we also believe in supporting the communities we are operating out of as well and value all of our dedicated employees as they help build our company into one of the fastest growing companies of our kind in the industries we proudly operate in. The above is just one of the outstanding and superior products and services the Speedy brand offers and we have plenty more along with the other Speedy brands that cater to individuals and businesses of all sizes that were created to help the small to midsize business owner not only compete with the large retail storefront and online businesses but actually offer many better products and services to not only help the business owner succeed in this competitive marketplace in today’s society but the average consumer can benefit from many of our products and services alike. Keep an eye out for all of our Speedy brand products and services and watch us in the news as we are steadily developing new technology that is revolutionizing many industries we are involved in. Whether you become part of the Speedy family or not, we thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to servicing you and helping your business grow in the near future, if not today!