Start a Scalable 6-figure Business Coaching Practice with a Dream Team

A Business Coaching platform that equips you with a results-guaranteed training and a backbone, and let’s you keep 100% of your Profit.

We enable you to find any business of more than $50,000 in 45 minutes

A process designed in a way so that you, as a coach, have the ability to stand out before your clients by finding any business more than $50,000 in 45 minutes. That too, without them spending a cent on marketing or ads.

Have your prospects say “yes” with specific scripts and processes

Learn the processes and find the to-the-point resources to make your clients go “yes” when you request to meet with them.

Learn to craft written guarantees to make hiring you a surefire

We will teach you how you can offer guarantees that makes you get the results. Not only that. You will be able to show your clients results even before they start working with you!

Generate immediate financial breakthroughs for your Coaching Clients with our Profit Acceleration Software

Position yourself as an authority in building successful businesses with our Profit Accelerating Software. It lays out questions into 12 key areas of your client’s business. And then, it calculates the potential additional revenue and shows is both graphical and monetary form.

What you unlock when you become an Eprenz Business Coach

✔️ Become an authority in your business space with complete training, and win clients and make them stay

Discover a bullet-proof sales process that fits your style when it comes to generating leads, closing clients, and finding your clients immediate financial wins.

✔️ Market your Practice with your brand new E-book

A book to take home is mostly a thumbs up for your clients, and so for you. This way, you can grow your email list while winning their trust.

✔️ Speak right before your leads: Educate and inspire your coaching business

When you think about educating your audience, we bring relevant people to your room and all the while, market your personal brand. Thereby, you receive the much-needed reach and exposure.

✔️ Help 1000s of Clients grow and thrive

Approach your clients with knowledge and hence, confidence. Enable yourself to eventually help over 1000 business with a scalable Business Coaching Practice.

✔️ Receive our Profit Accelerator Software that positions you as an authority to build successful businesses

As a staunch business coach, you will help your clients determine how they can create more money regardless of their type of business, their products and services, and their location with the help of your Profit Accelerator Software.

✔️ A website ready to tell all about your Business Consulting Practice

Greet your new ready-to-use website that has all about your business coaching practice.

✔️ Get a dream team to support your Business Consulting Practice

From technology experts, copywriters, to a manager who can tie it all together; you get a dream team for support.

✔️ Allow your coaching clients access to an E-Learning space to help find quantitative results

Present hours of learning and getting a Virtual MBA with certification to your clients at their pace with your new e-learning platform. Enable them with the technology that they need to grow and make significant changes.

✔️ Emails and Automation to keep your leads on loop

Keep your website visitors or potential customers in the loop with ready-to-launch email automation.

✔️ All this, of your own 100% branding

We white-label the products with your branding. So, it all remains about you.

Choose a Bundle or go Solo! It’s your choice

Eprenz Basic Package

Become an eprenz partner coach today and get started with your coaching business.

Get started at $995 a month.


E-learning suite with its own website.


Profit Acceleration Software with its Website.


Your own branded look.


1 Speaker opportunity at the end of every 3-monthly cycle of subscription.



Speaking at Conference : 25% discount on published rate.

Additional speaking opportunity at 25% discount on published rate (e.g. if published rate is $795, affiliated coaches pay a discounted rate of $595) 


Content creation and automated Sales Process
To enable you to focus on what you do best and win more clients, our talented team can provide support in the following areas, so you don’t have to:

  • Poster conceptualization and creation
  • Video conceptualization and creation
  • Zoho CRM set up and email automation

We offer a one-off SIGN-ON discount of 50% for ALL services purchased for the first month of subscription.