Jack Bonneau

Youth Entrepreneur and Tedx Speaker

Founder TeenHustl & Jack’s Stands & Marketplace, TEDx/Youth Entrepreneurship speaker, successfully pitched Shark Tank!

My mission is to provide kids the opportunity to learn and experience entrepreneurship, business, financial literacy; develop social and life skills while making money and having fun.

About Jack Bonneau


I’m a 14 year old high school freshman and serial entrepreneur. I started my first business, Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces (JacksStands.com) when I was 9 years old. When I was 10, I became the youngest male to successfully pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank.

My second startup is Teen Hustl (TeenHustl.com). Teen Hustl is a hyper-local delivery service that delivers food and convenience items and Amazon packages to neighborhoods by local teenagers on electric scooters and bikes. I am also a public speaker on youth and youth entrepreneurship I’m a TEDx speaker and have spoken to thousands in Colorado, the nation and internationally.

My biggest and most recent project is Teen Hustl. I started Teen Hustl to provide teens opportunities to gain valuable work and life experience; and provide better and safer delivery services than companies like Doordash, Uber Eats and others. We do this in several ways, first we employ our Teen Hustlrs versus hire them as independent contractors. This allows us to control the customer experience by training our Teen Hustlrs to ensure their safety and the safety of our customers.

All Teen Hustlrs who deliver from restaurants and stores are provided with an electric scooter, like the one here and a LED lit helmet with turn signals and a Go Pro camera. Go Pro Cameras are used to monitor the integrity of each delivery from food tampering, which in a recent poll over 25% of gig economy delivery drivers admit to. It’s also a deterrent to potential bad actors, helping to ensure the safety of our Teen Hustlrs. No competitor offers these levels of training or safety efforts.

Teen Hustl also provides faster and fresher deliveries due to our hyper-local delivery areas and is 100% eco-friendly with delivery on electric scooters and bikes.

My first startup was Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces when I was 9 years old. Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces provided kids between 7-12 years old the opportunity to operate drink stands at great locations like farmers markets, events and malls in Colorado. Jack’s Marketplaces sold great products made by young entrepreneurs and told their inspirational stories. All kids who operate Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces learn about business, entrepreneurship, financial literacy while having fun and making money.

My second startup is Teen Hustl, which I’m currently working on and expanding across the country.

What initially motivated me when I was 8 years old was wanting the Lego Starwars Deathstar. I didn’t have the money, so I started a lemonade stand, but I didn’t put it at the end of my street, I put it in my local farmers market and treated it like a real business.

After my first year (I did get my Lego Starwars Deathstar) I wanted to do it again, but I wanted to share my great experience of entrepreneurship with others, so I started Jack’s Stands. I expanded Jack’s Stands to include Jack’s Marketplaces to be able to showcase great young entrepreneur products and share their inspirational stories. During this time I was getting a lot of great experiences and saw how kids who operated my locations were learning life and socials skills that they wouldn’t otherwise been able to do.

What motivated me to create Teen Hustl is similar, teenagers used to have the opportunity to have their own small business through paper routes and baby sitting. These opportunities are essentially gone through changes in society, the Internet and technology. I’ve created Teen Hustl to bring these opportunities back to today’s teenagers.

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