Daniel Piatek

Spiritual Mentor and Personal Coach

Helping Those Who Feel “There MUST Be More For Me” to Actually Get It In Their Lives!

Daniel Piatek is a talented and dedicated coach and intuitive who brings a message of motivation, support, and hope to those who believe they have a mission to fulfill

About Daniel Piatek


► Sincere Human Beings SEEKING TARGETED GUIDANCE to Create The Life That You Know Is Waiting For You – Even If You Don’t Know Yet What That Is.

You know how it feels impossible to get out your life situation, or to know what it is that is calling to you so you know how you can get on with living the life you ACTUALLY came here to LIVE?

I solve this.

I do this through a process that I’ve developed over decades of my own journey and of helping others to learn how to listen to and respond to their own deepest wisdom, to their Inner Genius. It’s a process which gets right to the heart of what’s in the way and how to get beyond it, in order to get FREE and be living the life you truly want to live.

► To get an idea of how I might be of service to you, schedule a free consultation to explore how to have the life you so wish to have: http://bit.ly/IWantMyLife

Daniel Piatek catalyzes, inspires, and guides others to take up the adventure of your life – becoming who you truly are.

In his book, “The Genius Keys: Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom,” Daniel teaches you how to access Wisdom & Creativity by connecting with your own Inner Genius.

His groundbreaking “The Hero’s Quest” Process outlines a methodology for a conscious, joyous, and committed engagement with your Inner Genius to unfolding a life which reflects your destiny.

Daniel has continually walked his own path over the past 30 years, experiencing profound life transformations as his alignment with his Inner Genius deepens.

Utilizing the wisdom he’s gained, along with real-time, intuitive guidance, Daniel personally mentors his students and clients as they learn to master navigating their own unique path.

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