Saad Jamal

Founder & CEO at Serri Tech Solutions

I’m 19 year old Founder & CEO at Serri Tech Solutions Private Limited. Serri is an innovative Tech Startup focused on designing solutions for Indian Education system.

About Saad Jamal

Educational Background :

It’s simple. Education system never made sense to me. I’ve been looking to drop out since 3rd grade. Nonetheless, I’ve always excelled at academics. School topper throughout.

Ranked 99+ percentiles in almost all the National Level examinations for Maths, Science & engineering. Holding 3.2+ CGPA in my chemical engineering undergrad at the prestigious ICT Mumbai.

Freelancing Stuff :

By December 2018, I was sure to Startup. Started with a stationary rental. Failed but learnt a lot. Applied lessons to help other Startups voluntarily.

On Feb 26th 2019, I met David Wagstaff, Founder of Clarity fi & Eprenz. Started freelancing with Clarity fi as first major client. Shifted to Eprenz soon during founding days & got to interact with a lot of Entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. From Ghana to USA. Aspiring ones to Millionaires.

In June 2019, I became probably the youngest freelancer in the world to be recognised with Rising Talent Badge by Upwork Inc. Worked with India’s leading marketers at Creative Guns as International Business Development Manger.

Entrepreneurial Journey :

Tried a few other ventures. During a discussion on IPR strategies, figured out a big problem. Started with Tech@ICT, a platform connecting innovators & industries. Pitched to VC & Director at ICT Mumbai & got the required support. Currently, at halt due to pandemic.

Then joined a Fintech as Co-founder & Marketing head. Operated our Education initiatives from ideation to above 500+ students organically under a month. Our AUM grew twice to $270k+!

With learnings & earnings so far, started Serri Tech Solutions. Build a team with perfect balance. Tons of enthusiasm and decades of experience.

Got into Top 20 teams with Serri for Global Tech Competition judged by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Got featured as Top 100 Global Tech Prospects. Always excited to meet innovators, read books & discuss startups.

Looking forward to interesting conversations with Eprenz Community:)

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