Priyanshu Garg

Blogger and an influencer

I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University and an astute Digital Marketing Professional.

About Priyanshu Garg


I owe my academic strength to “Delhi University” that has instilled
deep-rooted values in me.

I am also an astute Digital Marketing Professional, I use my knowledge of a wide spectrum of tools to help businesses grow digitally.

My knowledge and experience with e-commerce and social media marketing come in handy for brands trying to establish a solid reach within their target customer base.

I am an avid public speaker and I make ideas catch fire through intellectual discussions and debates. I’m deeply involved in spreading awareness about mental health, PCOS, and depression through my lifestyle, health, beauty, fitness, and fashion blogs.

To know more about me just follow me at garg_ji_ki_ladki or Gargjikiladki on all social media platforms.