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Steve Gregory

CEO at Black Bull Performance Group

I’ve been guiding organisations towards success for over a decade in my CEO roles. As CEO of Black Bull Performance Group I am able to share decades of corporate experience and work with you to achieve maximum performance at personal, board and business owner levels. Boards control organisations which employ people. Performance counts at every level.

About Steve Gregory


The practical hands-on coaching, tools and masterclasses offered through Black Bull Performance Group focus on delivering clarity, direction and enabling professionals across Australia, NZ, Canada and the USA to achieve greater performance with tangible results.

For Boards: A range of tools and masterclasses provide directors with a unique insight into board “mechanics” and governance issues. I provide knowledge to achieve greater effectiveness, enhancing individual accountability and performance. A more effective board creates a more profitable enterprise.

For Business Owners: When your business is in a rapid growth phase, you need to make sure you have the right foundations in place. With any growth, there is a balance between being obtainable and being sustainable. Working closely with business owners Black Bull Performance Group’s tools and masterclasses demonstrate how stability and sustainability is achieved; how effective businesses function and how profit is maximized.

For Individuals: Coaching around emotional Intelligence, mindset, conscious leadership and performance moves you closer to your goals and delivers better results. Through specific techniques, I work with you to turn around your mindset, understand your dominant behavioural energy & thinking style, and understand 18 unique sales competencies. Together, we build on your strengths, close your gaps and lean into stretches so you can reach your true potential and be the best version of yourself.

Using proven methodologies, I give you the tools you need to set and meet your goals and objectives. With a results-focused approach, the businesses and individuals I work with achieve much more than they initially believe possible.

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