Nina Werner

Growth Consultant & Entrepreneur Coach

I help scaling companies to achieve sustainable growth and profitability while connecting entrepreneurs’ personal development to their companies ambitions.

About Nina Werner


My name is Nina. I have worked with entrepreneurs throughout my career, from the humble creative with a brilliant idea to the extraordinary visionary who believes the sky is limitless. It has given me the courage to learn from my successes and failures, pick myself up and do it all over again, which has led to becoming a senior certified professional coach and my latest venture, Align the Dots.

My mindset is moulded by an engineering education. I find comfort in organising, planning, scheduling and being as prepared as I can. Ten years working in East Africa has taught me that nothing ever goes according to plan; it can sometimes go even better, but prepare for the worst too, just in case. I have a passion for helping startups who are “doing well by doing good” thrive, and I love being surrounded by entrepreneurs who strive to reach their next level. So what do I really do? I connect entrepreneurs’ personal development to their company’s ambitions so they can grow together.

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